Try a Bentley, and Test Drive a Virtual Reality Headset Tonight at our Bentley Place Staff Party

Holly will NOT be driving the Bentleys with these goggles on…

Most of us will not buy a house without seeing, touching, or even smelling it. Hence the reason for the “Open House”.

But that is hard to do with properties under construction in new developments, especially ones that offer construction design flexibility to potential buyers.

That’s why the investors and developers of Bentley Place wisely invested in Virtual Reality technology rarely seen or used in North Texas. Virtual and augmented reality gives buyers and sellers a way to experience properties that don’t yet exist!

According to an article in, several major companies are offering a whole lot of innovation with technology: roOomy, Google Tango, Matterport and Virtual Xperience. I have tried Matterport a few times, the only thing I didn’t love about it was that it was not iphone compatible, but may be now.

“The complex is under construction,” says Dave Perry-Miller’s Jamie Kohlman. “Our feedback from test marketing was that people were uncertain of how the final homes would ultimately look — the common areas, the backyards, amenities.  These are very large units, too, up to 5,000 square feet! So the developers invested in new technology so buyers can put on VR goggles and visually walk around the outside of the units,  go virtually to rooftop decks, and see exactly what the future development will look like.”

Not only will you be able to try on the VR goggles this Wednesday at our Staff Party from 4 to 6 pm, you can download an app for your phone to look at the property daily.

Architect Alan Ross, principal at WaaL architecture, has been involved in bringing this project to fruition for many years as the author of the concept. We will have more on that live, from Wednesday’s Staff party! Hope to see you there!