High Caliber Agent: Courtney Dunn Tauriac

There are some agents that do what they do not because they ran out of ideas, but because the business and its seasons and dynamics spills from every dream, sunk deep in their pores. That’s the kind of agent Courtney Dunn Tauriac is. This David Griffin & Co. Realtor lives and breathes real estate — every aspect. No wonder she’s this week’s High Caliber Agent presented by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans

Agents such as Tauriac know that a great lender is crucial to their success, which is why they choose the best: Lisa Peters at Caliber Home Loans. 

So what makes Tauriac such a winning businesswoman? Find out now!

In our challenging market, how are you working to ensure your clients get the very best deal?

Understanding my clients’ financial goals and aligning that with their vision of “home” are critical in assisting them with getting the best deal.  It’s important to remember not every “good” opportunity is going to meet the goals for every client.  In this market where buyers may find some hefty competition when making an offer, it’s critical to have a great agent who can get creative on making your offer more attractive beyond raising the offer price.  As for sellers, it’s essential to work with a highly adaptive agent who not only understands the local market but is responsive to all the individuals working within the transaction. It’s my primary objective to ensure my buyers and sellers are armed with all the information necessary for when they arrive at the closing table they can feel confident about the deal they are getting.  

Among your colleagues, who inspires you to be a better Realtor every day?

There’s not a single person at David Griffin & Company Realtors who I haven’t learned from.  Whether it’s discussing a challenging transaction or a marketing approach that worked well, there’s so much to be said for surrounding yourself with the best and the brightest in your industry and collaborating to offer your clients the highest level of service.  As for those Realtors who inspire me daily, they are Crystal Gonzalez, Robert Kucharski, and Sam Saladino.  I respect Crystal’s ability to do it all, successful Realtor, mom and wife.  Robert inspires me with his kindness and vast market knowledge, and Sam with his incredible eye for design.  

Hobbies are important, but what are the causes and charities you’re most passionate about?

I love this question!  I’m a huge believer in service and volunteer work is at the core of my life.  I am a CASA volunteer — Court Appointed Special Advocate.  I advocate for abused and neglected children who have been removed from their homes and are either in foster care or with a family member.  I work with CPS, attorneys and judges to assist in determining a safe and loving home for them.  I also have been a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters for about 15 years.  My little brother who I have been with for 10 years is not so little anymore as he is now a freshman in college and I couldn’t be prouder of him.  I also enjoy volunteering with Attitudes and Attire.  This organization does an amazing job of promoting personal growth for women seeking self sufficiency by helping them recognize their self worth and arm them with job search skill sets.

When you’re at the closing table, how does a great lender help put you and your clients at ease?

Just with raising children, in real estate it takes a village.  There are so many nuances to a transaction which is why it’s vital to have a great team.  This is why I love working with Lisa Peters and Caliber.  I know with Lisa, if I text or call her on Sunday evening, she is going to respond and that is paramount in real estate where anything can happen and when it does, it’s usually at 8 p.m. on Friday.  Having great partners who you know are going to work as hard as you to help your clients realize their real estate dreams is everything!