Perhaps it’s time to get back to the basics. At the heart of the real estate industry, it’s the people that matter. Yes, the homes are vital, too, but buying real estate is complicated and sometimes frustrating, and having a solid relationship with the people behind the transaction is everything.

Nora Ling Lane, a Executive Vice President of Allie Beth Allman & Associates, knows this. It was ingrained upon her by her mother, who was also a consummate professional. So it’s obvious why we’ve chosen Lane as our High Caliber Agent, sponsored by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans.

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Jen Rice HCAOTWThere’s a lot to a real estate transaction that gets lost in talk of prices and sales figures. It’s a complex deal in which a lot of people invest their time, money, and hopes and dreams. With the right agent, the setbacks that are bound to happen don’t sting so bad. Clients learn to lean on agents, who guide and advice everyday people through one of the biggest decisions they will make in their lifetimes.

Jennifer Rice realizes that. She knows that clients — from seasoned homebuyers to first-timers — need a Realtor they can depend on and one that focuses on their wants and needs.

That’s why we’ve selected Rice, an agent with the Collier+Rice team at David Griffin & Company Realtors, as this week’s High-Caliber Agent sponsored by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans. Find out more about what drives this Realtor after the jump!


Photo - Vancleve, Grant - Current Headshot

Talk about hustle! There is another class of agents out there that is constantly working for their clients, making deals and keeping an ear to the ground for the next one. Grant Vancleve, an agent with Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty, is definitely in this class.

And boy, does he know Dallas’ high-rise market! In fact, we’ve hosted one of our “Staff Meetings” inside one of his listings before and we couldn’t believe how much he knows about the market. If you get the chance to pick the brain of this brilliant business mind, don’t pass it up! Also, make sure you get a ride in his Porsche!

So of course we’re thrilled to have Grant on the blog today as one of our High-Caliber Agents sponsored by Lisa Peters at Caliber Home Loans. Need an agent you can trust? Choose a High-Caliber Agent. Need a lending partner you can rely on? Choose Lisa Peters at Caliber Home Loans.

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Not only is David Griffin & Company agent Courtney Tauriac driven to serve her clients, she’s also focused on serving the community. And she does both with the kind of dedication you’d expect, too!

Smart, savvy, and service-driven … sounds like a High-Caliber Agent if there ever was one. We took a little time out of Tauriac’s busy day to find out what makes her tick, and how she’s poised to take advantage of a dynamic Dallas real estate market while giving back to the community. Jump to find out more about this week’s High-Caliber Agent sponsored by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans.


Robert Photo

Robert Kucharski, a consistent top producer at David Griffin & Company Realtors, knows what it takes to be a successful Realtor. He’s straight-forward, with high standards that constantly move the goalposts for his competitors. And he’s smart enough to know what works.

But what works for Kucharski? What is his “secret sauce”? We love the answers he gave us, and they confirm why we’ve chosen Kucharski as this week’s High Caliber Agent sponsored by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans.

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PhillipMurrell HighCaliber Agent

It takes a lot of coordination to close a transaction in this business. First, you have to score a lead, then you tour every single property on the map, then you put in an offer …

But when you have people you can trust on your team — satisfied clients sending referrals and a lender you can rely on to get things done — things are so much easier. That’s why Phillip Murrell with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate is successful. His clients are thrilled with his level of service, sending him more business. And he knows how much a smart lender can help, which is why he works with Lisa Peters at Caliber Home Loans.

Find out the other reasons why we’re recognizing Phillip Murrell as this week’s High-Caliber Agent!


Rob E Images for Cards 1-24-08 (1)

Rob Elmore … it should be a household name, shouldn’t it? I mean, chances are you’ve already heard of this man, a Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agent who has taken his exceptional corporate experience and applied it to serving his everyday clients to great success.

But he takes it all a step further and is active in neighborhood groups that focus on our city’s future, such as the Oak Lawn Committee. Elmore has worked with the OLC, Friends of Reverchon Park, and the Zone 10 TIF committee focusing on the Southwestern Medical Center District, all in executive positions.

It’s that drive, that focus, and that dependability that has earned him the accolade of this week’s High-Caliber Agent sponsored by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans. When you are making one of the biggest financial decisions of your lifetime, you should have a high-caliber agent by your side, like Dave Perry-Miller Realtor Rob Elmore. And when you’re ready to put in an offer, having Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans by your side will keep your transaction on track, all the way to closing.

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Sam Saladino High Caliber Agent

Real estate is a tough, competitive business, and having the right experience and the right team can make all the difference in a transaction, whether it’s a challenging one or not. That’s why David Griffin & Company Realtor Sam Saladino works hard to cultivate relationships that will benefit his clients and the community.

It’s something he learned very quickly in his time at Neiman Marcus, and it’s a talent that makes his clients feel at ease. No wonder that Saladino is this week’s High-Caliber Agent sponsored by Lisa Peters at Caliber Home Loans! Once you’ve found the right agent and perfect home, make sure you have a lending partner that is up to the task. Call Lisa Peters at Caliber Home Loans today to make sure you have the very best lender for your homebuying journey.