Wednesday WTF: Butt Really, You Need To See This Listing

Wednesday WTFSo sometimes you find the Wednesday WTF, and sometimes the Wednesday WTF finds you. This week, it’s the latter — a reader sent over a listing she actually saw in person once.

Color us intrigued.

Wednesday WTF

The house, she said, was one that she went to “a while back” when there was an open house. “There’s a lot going on,” she said.

Now, usually when someone says that about a house in the WTF, it means there’s a whole lot of cats, or a lot of tables, or maybe a picture of people licking their newborn. And some people might run from that.

Not me. I gird my loins, ovary up, and wade in. For you. I do it for you.

Wednesday WTF

“If you haven’t seen 3101 Hedgerow as an option for Wednesday WTF, you’re missing out,” our reader promised. I mean, that’s a gauntlet you just threw lady. I mean, I once wrote about a house where one previous owner threw her possessions in her pool because she didn’t want the ghosts and aliens traveling to her new home with her.


So we took a look. No, you can’t buy this house, it’s apparently off the market at the moment. But the photos from the last listing are still up, so I dropped some tequila in my Sonic cherry limeade and went to work.

On first blush, it looks like a great abode. Lots of room. Open floorplan. Sculpture of something that might be an eyeball in the yard.

But um, yeah. Let’s let our reader explain what you’re about to see.

“Try to count up how many of the ‘lower torso wearing jeans’ statues you find throughout the house,” she suggested.

Like this?

And this?

Overall, the house is funky and unique, but I do wonder about all the jeans-clad butts all over the place. Are they cheaper than other building materials? Are the pockets considered extra storage? Can you change the pants based on the seasons? And why pants? Why can’t it be skirts or kilts or yoga pants?

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  • mm

    I don’t know, but I kind of like the dripping pipe lighting scheme and the floating bubbles. It’s weird but could be done tastefully if not for the butts everywhere.

  • The address is actually 3103 Hedgerow. I don’t understand the jean butts either (especially the one holding up the glass counter in the kitchen) but the house could be fun and has great bones. Definitely like the hanging bubbles and the copper pipe lights.