RIP: Our Frank Welch Was a Dutch Uncle Supreme

Tricia Weiner and Frank Welch

There is one thing I always want to know when an agent tells me about a cool listing — especially a celebrity listing: how did you get it? Often the agent knows the celeb owner, is related, or has an interesting story that shows how connections can lead to listings.

Tricia Weiner, who is listing the Frank Welch house on Cragmont, has known Frank for years and has a very interesting story to tell about their relationship: turns out Frank was very paternal. And his idea of lunch was a sandwich in a bag.

“I’m from Midland and Frank and Bittie ( his wife), raised their family there,” says Tricia. “I bought a building in Venice, California, in the ’80s when I lived in LA, and Frank worked on the rehab of it, but it never came to fruition because I moved back to Dallas in ’90. That is how I came to know him!”

Tricia remains good friends with his family and daughters.

“He was truly one of the most amazing people — so down to earth, not puffed up, not full of egon… he was kind, funny, interested in everything and everyone,” says Tricia.

Case in point. One time Tricia got engaged to an “unsavory-type” guy, and Frank gave her the Dutch Uncle talk!

“He invited me for lunch (he brought a sandwich over to my house in a brown paper bag), and we split it! He asked me if I’d met this guy’s parents yet. When I said no, he said,  ‘You can’t make a decision to marry someone if you haven’t met their parents!'” says Tricia.

Needless to say, when Tricia DID meet the guy’s parents, she ran for the hills and ditched the whole marriage idea!!

“He (Frank) was a lifesaver!” she exclaims