Paddles Ready? Grand Treviso Penthouse Goes to Auction in Las Colinas

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GrandT- View 1
Master Bedroom View from Grand Treviso Penthouse

Hear ye, hear ye, as the saying goes, on Jan. 28, Elite Auctions will sell without reserve Unit 1522 at the Grand Treviso high-rise in Las Colinas.  The home, having completed a renovation in December 2016, has two bedrooms and two bathrooms spread across 3,169 square feet.  With only five units on this level, you’ll enjoy the privacy.

This home has a lot of wood — quarter-sawn maple to be exact. But not just any old maple — his maple comes from a single old-growth tree that grew in South Africa, perhaps making it as well-traveled as its new owner. It’s just one of many stories a lucky bidder can share at their housewarming.

GrandT- Living 1

The home represents open concept at its best, with walls of windows to drink in the views.  As you can begin to see, with the storage cupboards and incredible herringbone floors, that was one big ol’ tree. Even though the vibe is modern, the herringbone has been so underused lately (cost) that is looks fresh again, or at least just like every Paris apartment you wish you owned.

GrandT- Kitchen 4

For a typical single-family home, this is one fine kitchen.  For a high-rise, it’s stupendous.  Again, the mix of the classic and modern aesthetics follows into this space.  A new owner could go either way with décor, with perhaps middle-of-the-road being best to me.  The kitchen is a modern thing, but the remainder of the open concept could highlight some classic pieces or artwork.

GrandT- Kitchen 2

As I said, the owner did a good job with the stone.  The darker color anchors the light wood in the room.  And you couldn’t ask for more cabinets without getting slapped.  The appliances are Wolf and Sub Zero, and as you can see here, there are two sinks.  The cooktop is induction. That door to the left of the range hood?  That’s a walk-in butler’s pantry with a ton more cabinet and prep space.

GrandT- Living 3

Entertaining is where it’s at in a space like this.  But more often than not, larger groups people splinter into smaller groups.  I see this as the women’s space — women seem more able to talk without a TV on — while the seating area in the far background is for the boys and their big-screen sports. Sexist?  Nah, I’d be at this end, too.

GrandT- Dining 1

The dining area flows exceptionally well, functioning as part of the open-concept design, with the wood elements uniting the look (just how freaking big was that tree?). You can begin to see what I meant about mixing styles.  The owner has placed glass and crystal representing a variety of styles within the built-ins.  As you can also see, that poky table could easily grow for large family gatherings.  Because that’s what open concept is for — bringing everyone together.

GrandT- Patio

And in Dallas, where not much needs to keep us indoors, a terrace is a rare thing.  Sure, most high-rises have balconies that are covered by the balcony above, making roofless terraces special. For those wanting a little sun cover, there’s also a covered balcony nearby, but this is where it’s at.  Have “full sun” plants?  Bring ‘em along! For some reason, being high off the ground and exposed to the sky is decadent.  It’s what makes The Centrum one of my favorite buildings.

GrandT- Bedroom 2
Master Bedroom with Doorways Leading to Cedar-Lined Closet and Bathroom

The master bedroom is another generous space (hello, 3,169 square feet and two bedrooms) with a large amount of light.  There’s also a seating area tucked away … it’s right next to the windows and I daydream … a lot. Seems downright luxurious.

GrandT- M Bath 1

The master bath doesn’t disappoint either … in fact, you’ll have to put it on the guest tour.  That’s an alabaster stone countertop that’s lit from below … your guests are gonna want to see that!  There’s also a jumbo shower and separate water closet.  Oh, I almost forgot, the master has a walk-in closet … a cedar-lined walk in closet.  Pretty spiff, eh?

GrandT- Bedroom 1

Guests don’t get the short end either.  The guest bedroom is very generous with space as well as light.  Look at the ceiling.  Those slits are the heating and AC vents, just like the ones you see in museums.  Very nice detail found throughout the home. That space off to the right? An office tucked right next to the windows for inspiration.

Here’s the one problem with the guest bedroom.  The view.  You’re never going to pry me out of the bed (I’m expecting an invite, by the way).  Maybe the owner might want to lock the shades after three days to get me to leave?

You still have time to check out the preview open houses the day before the auction on Jan. 27 from noon to 6 p.m.  Alternatively, the folks at Elite Auctions are happy to setup a private showing (perhaps at sunset?) anytime between now and the no-reserve auction. To schedule, call 844-94-ELITE (35483).

Finally, I have to say that, with this being Dallas, at least this auction is for a high-rise penthouse. It’s unlikely the buyer will bulldoze the property and flip the dirt back on the market a week lateror bulldoze for a McChateau.  Hooray!

Remember:  High-rises, HOAs and renovation are my beat. But I also appreciate modern and historical architecture balanced against the YIMBY movement.  If you’re interested in hosting a Staff Meeting event, I’m your guy. In 2016, my writing was recognized with Bronze and Silver awards from the National Association of Real Estate Editors.  Have a story to tell or a marriage proposal to make?  Shoot me an email


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