Yes, there are a proliferation of fabulous real estate auctions coming up, including our very own Staff Party TONIGHT in Vaquero, at the 8,923 square foot estate of Swarovski heiress Vanessa Swarovski. Vanessa was formerly married to MLB player Jorge Piedra, but she got the house. Her 1.7-acre estate has six-bedrooms and nine-bathrooms at 2208 Vaquero Estates Blvd. in Westlake. The home, exquisite and oh so polished, will be sold at an absolute auction, without reserve, to the highest bidder on June 30. ( will have full coverage.) This is the very first home to be auctioned in Vaquero, home to countless sports stars and celebrities, including Glenn Beck who once leased 2208 Vaquero Estates Blvd when he was house hunting in North Texas. This home, in fact, led him to buy his current home (really two lots) from golfer Brandt Jobe, one inside Vaquero, one outside. I dare not tell you where.

Vanessa is, of course, heiress to the famed Austrian crystal company, Swarovski. The auction is being conducted by Florida-based Elite Auctions, one of the nation’s fastest growing real estate auction companies. In fact, we are working on an update to our original Real Estate Auctions 101. Do come tonight, and do RSVP.

Champs d’Or is up for auction again. and so is Mariposa del Lago! (more…)

Ranchero Jim Duns

James & Betty Muns with Jan Richey of Keller Williams

The original owners of 3420 Ranchero, the mega Plano mansion that will be auctioned tomorrow at 2 o’clock p.m. sharp, stopped by one of the preview events at the home over the weekend.

Here is James Muns,  a former mayor and the developer of El Rancho Estates back in the early 1970’s. He built the home that the second owner is now selling.

Fun fact: Jim built the dock/gazebo that sits on the pond of this incredible property. Family members and friends were married there over the years! Oh the parties… if dirt could talk!

The home will be auctioned off Tuesday afternoon, at 2:00 p.m. The property was last listed for $4,249,500 and the very motivated seller has agreed to sell this property at $2.4, which is now the minimum bid for the estate.

3420 Ranchero aerial

Let me tell you why Tuesday’s auction of 3420 Ranchero in the honeypot of Plano is so very important: dirt. This area is the estate haven of Plano, equivalent to the honeypot of Old Preston Hollow in Dallas, or Hunters Glen in Highland Park. And the property can be had for less than its Collin County appraisal!

In the early 1970’s, as the town of Plano, Texas was just opening its sleepy eyes, James Muns and Don Dilmore developed Ranchero Country Estates. There were to be 19 properties on two meandering country roads, Ranchero and Rambling Way. On Ranchero, the property plots measured from 2 to 4.62 acres, and five properties were carved out on Rambling Road, all measuring from 1.92 to 2.33 acres.

The area is literally in the heart of Plano, off Parker Road, between the Tollway and Preston. The lots are gigantic, wooded, with tanks and ponds and natural surroundings that lure you into believing you are in the country, especially at night. For his own home, Muns chose a 4.62 acre parcel with the very, very best view of the sparkling pond.

3420 Ranchero kitchen (more…)

3420 Ranchero aerial

We told you earlier about our fun staff party Tuesday afternoon, from two to five p.m., up at 3420 Ranchero in Plano, where we will celebrate the house and give everyone a taste of the exciting auction coming up on March 14. I wanted to make sure you know this Staff Party is a daytime Staff Party, and tell you a little more about this property up for auction:

Nate Schar with Heritage Auction real estate division informed me late today that the very motivated seller has agreed to sell this property at $2.4, which is now the minimum bid for the estate. Keep in mind that the Collin County Appraisal District says this home is worth $2.6. So the seller is willing to let it go for below the  county’s appraised value. That is huge. I mean, the seller just paid taxes based on $2.6. He simply is ready to move to the west coast, kind of a reverse-migration of what we are seeing here in North Texas, especially in the Billion Dollar Mile.

“The reality is we have someone who wants to sell this home,” says Nate.

3420 Ranchero kitchen

GrandT- View 1

Master Bedroom View from Grand Treviso Penthouse

Hear ye, hear ye, as the saying goes, on Jan. 28, Elite Auctions will sell without reserve Unit 1522 at the Grand Treviso high-rise in Las Colinas.  The home, having completed a renovation in December 2016, has two bedrooms and two bathrooms spread across 3,169 square feet.  With only five units on this level, you’ll enjoy the privacy.

This home has a lot of wood — quarter-sawn maple to be exact. But not just any old maple — his maple comes from a single old-growth tree that grew in South Africa, perhaps making it as well-traveled as its new owner. It’s just one of many stories a lucky bidder can share at their housewarming.


3908 Euclid ext

Property previews begin Friday through Monday, 1 to 5 p.m.

When Dallas architect Joe McCall starts talking about 3908 Euclid, you can see the proud papa gleam in his eyes. It was almost 26 years ago that he met Dana Nearburg and her husband, Charlie, with the commission to improve their family home on Lindenwood Avenue off Abbott. Dana was an architect by training and trade; Charlie was an engineer who had majored in art at Dartmouth College. Any other architect might have thrown in the T-square rather than work with two such precise and detailed homeowners, who soon decided NOT to build on their existing homestead, but step it up a bit by buying a lot on Euclid.

And then the real challenge began!

“We had three challenges, actually” says Joe. “First of all, the lot was 70 by 225, well-sized, but the trees were smack dab in the center of the lot. Great trees, too.”

And the Nearburgs wanted to save every one. Not only did you have a lot with trees in the prime building footprint, you had a deep neighborhood setback: 61 feet. Unfathomable.

Add to that the homeowner’s desire for two separate garages, one of which would be a car collector’s dream garage with spray paint bay and full auto shop, with all the bells and whistles.

A tough assignment, but when the design challenge gets tough, Joe McCall just gets going. He also got to work with one of the best builders in town, Randy Clowdus, Randy Clowdus Construction Company. Randy also did significant work on the $39 million estate of John and Debbie Tolleson, where the George W. Bush library was conceived, in Volk Estates.

“I’ll never forget the first time I met Randy, ” says Joe. “He was in the living room with a plumb bob. He was making sure the studs were perfectly straight before the sheetrock and dry wall. Any studs that were not perfectly aligned were shaved or shimmed.”

Thus begins the opus of 3908 Euclid, which goes to auction next week with Heritage Auction Luxury Real Estate. Which was the scene of a lovely party benefitting Jubilee Park in Fair Park last week, as potential buyers kicked the tires of the imaginary collectible cars that could be housed in the incredibly tricked-out garage.

3908 Euclid is not like any other home that has been to auction in Dallas. Frankly, it has no flaws. The home was timelessly built to the most exacting standards by the owners, architect and builder, high tier overachievers all. Though the brick appears to be NorthPark brick, it is not, but matches the color exactly. The home has an undisclosed but easily attainable reserve, because it has to. (Listing price is $6,400,000.) Come Tuesday, December 13, a savvy buyer is going to get the deal of the century.

On the market with veteran Dave Perry-Miller agent Martha Tiner and her daughter, McKamy,  The owners now simply wish to move on. With homes of this calibre being “soft” in the current market, residual effect of the calendar and election, they want to cut as wide a marketing swath as possible to ensure their dream home is passed to the perfect buyer and next lineage of proud ownership.

Let me ask you this: is there any home in Dallas with a waterproof mailbox?

3908 Euclid stone wall (more…)