What Exactly is a CandysDirt.com Staff Meeting? Well,There is A Hot One Tonight…

Claridge Lobby

Here is a little secret about us at CandysDirt.com, your once a day stop for the latest in North Texas Real Estate news and House Porn: we really  love to party.

So why not, we said, mix a little partying with a little Real Estate every few weeks or so?

Truth be told, because we are all about transparency, it was our Jon Anderson who said it. In fact, he hosted the very first CandysDirt.com Quarterly Staff Meeting. What happens? Well, we work with an agent to secure a lovely listing or two (or four!) and pour the bubbly (or red, or white, or Perrier) and then we nibble a few hors d’oeuvres, then we take a real close look at the listing.

We kick the tires, or maybe the pipes. We check out the bathroom as you only can when you are actually in a home, um, using it. We check out the kitchen and count the cabinets, fixtures, take note of the views, the light, the sunset, the patio or balcony, the building and doormen, or the drive up appeal and pull of the home. We see how well traffic flows for the party. We gossip about the architect! And you should hear what we say about the builder!

Claridge 1 SM

Sometimes we have guests: famous architects or builders or designers, and they enlighten us. I am still in awe from Mil Bodron’s little talk about an E.G. Hamilton home at 3616 Crescent where we partied before the holidays: he described the painstakingly detailed way the mid century modern jewel was preserved.

But more important than us and our staff of seven, we bring a whole lot of people to the party! Realtors and VIPs who we just happen to know who want to come to the party and see the listing!

Then we write up the house or condo on CandysDirt.com a couple times.

Tonight we are on ludicrous party speed with not one but FOUR units at the beautiful Claridge, 3510 Turtle Creek Boulevard.

Here are all the stories our Jon Anderson posted on these jewels: REHAB, REMODEL, REFRESH and REJOICE!

It’s not too late to come to the next one IF you want, just let us know…Waterfall Claridge