Our New Mortgage Report Starring Bob Johnson of Wallick & Volk: Meet BobMortgage

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He’s the senior mortgage advisor at Wallick & Volk, the nation’s oldest privately-held mortgage company. These folks have been in mortgage lending since 1932.

His name is Bob Johnson. But we call him BobMortgage.

Bob Johnson has helped more than 25,000 families get into the homes of their dreams, in 20 plus years of lending service.

Now with five offices across the DFW metroplex, the nation’s oldest mortgage firm is helping thousands of consumers get into homes with the most up-to-date financial information possible. Wallick & Volk brings experience and integrity into every single loan, but they also deliver a highly personalized touch that conforms to each client’s need. Is it speed of delivery, unique products, total transaction transparency, or great pricing you need? Wallick & Volk has it all in a broker-friendly banking platform that can do the impossible when it comes to home financing.

“We know consumers want speed, great rates, and even better deals,” says Bob. “We take the “complicated” out of home loans.”

So fasten your seat belt: every week BobMortgage will give us a rundown of the market from Wallick & Volk, with inside information on the financial markets and how they affect and influence your home purchase power.

THIS WEEK: The fed held steady on rates, while mortgage bonds have edged higher. There are jitters in European banking centers, but! U.S. consumer confidence is up, the Dow is up, what does BobMortgage say you ought to do?

Welcome to this week’s mortgage report: