War(rington) and Peace: How Looking out the Window of Unit 11B at The Warrington Brings Serenity

Warrington City Lights

On Sept. 22, CandysDirt.com will be hosting a Staff Meeting open house event at four fantastic Warrington abodes on Turtle Creek.  In case you missed, you’ll find the first installment here.

This time we’re moving into the double digits with unit 11B on the front side of the building with swooning views of downtown.  This traditionally décored home is 2,533 square feet with just two bedrooms and two full and one half bathrooms. It’s listed with Ani Nosnik from Allie Beth Allman’s Urban team for $1.199 million.

11B Guest Bath-Maybe 2

Not the typical place to start a home tour, but what can I say?  I’m soooo not a tub person, but if I had a bath like this, I’d definitely be a tub person.  Ceiling to tub glass overlooking the city.  For the more modest, there’s an electric shade so you can whip off your duds and hop in the tub before raising the curtain for your adoring fans. (Now why there’s a needlepoint chair facing the toilet, I cannot say. LOL)

11B Master Bed 2

Since we were already in the bath, it makes sense back out through the master bedroom.  Note the floors.  This home has great floors. Also take note of the shutters.  They’re white in the master and wood in the second bedroom. I even like the sorta leathery texture on the walls. It gives some interest and depth without overpowering.

11B Living 1

Anyway, back to the main parts of the home.  Very large living room with multiple conversation areas.  I like the lighting mixture of classic chandelier and track lighting to highlight the owner’s art collection.  I like the bronze on the desk.  She’s definitely enjoyed the bathtub as much as I have.

11B Living 3

If you’re practical like me you’re wondering where the TV is because … you know … Big Bang Theory returns on the 19th.  Beyond the desk you can see the informal living room with its big screen. In back of the sofa is the formal dining room. (For reference, to the left of the informal living room in the distance you’ll find the kitchen.

11B Kitchen 2

This expansive kitchen is located just off the informal living room for easy access when you need big game munchies or chick-flick induced Hagen-Dazs.  All stainless steel, jumbo fridge, double ovens and a mile of counters. Enough storage to melt your Costco card. What more could you want? And for those who aren’t fans of operating room kitchens, the warm wood ticks all the boxes.

11B Bar

For those who like to throw a wing-ding, here you go.  No more tiddley guests interrupting your kitchen preparations looking for a glass.  Besides, there’s always one frustrated bartender in the group wanting to mix up a potion or two.  Notice the skull vodka bottle on the bar?  Yeah, put that in the contract…

11B View 1

I’ll leave you with the view (and another happy statue).  Ahhh…

Stay tuned for our visit unit 18E as our countdown to the Sept. 22 staff meeting continues.


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