Staff Meeting: “Love and War(rington),” Inside Unit 3C

Warrington Tower

On Sept. 22, is going to Warr … The Warrington that is.  Our next Staff Meeting event will take place as a rolling party in four units.  It’s the prefect way to give buyers unfamiliar with the building a taste of the whole shebang … with a glass of wine and a dash of Candy.

Readers will know that I recently awarded The Warrington my “wish I’d bought years ago” prize in my biased high-rise awards (here, here).  The building was built in 1981, the year I graduated high school kindergarten high school.  While the 24-story building looks physically large, it contains just 135 units, about a third that of neighboring “21.” By today’s glitzy, glassy standards, The Warrington’s exterior is unadorned and unflashy.  It sits on Turtle Creek Blvd. as part of the family.

Warrington Lobby 1

Entering the lobby, you know this building’s glamor has been saved for residents and guests.  It’s an elegant, airy space with a timeless mix of wood paneling, stone, and velvet.  No granny chic here.

Warrington Pool

Of course it’s got all the mod cons with a pool, rockin’ gym, and a skip to Paul Martin’s for happy hour or World Market for inexpensive barware and Ginger Nuts (they’re cookies, you dirty bird). Depending on the side of the building, views range from downtown to Park Cities and beyond.  I don’t view either aspect better or worse.  Some will like the more wide-open Park Cities view while others Must. Have. Downtown. Views.

HOA dues are around 60 cents per square foot and include the usual insurance, exterior, and interior maintenance.  Since The Warrington was built later and as condos, dues do not include utilities.

3C Living 1

The first unit on our tour is 3C.  It’s a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with 2,068 square feet. It’s listed by Tammy Mclaine at Keller Williams Urban for $764,900.  Even though it’s on the third floor, entering this home is like all high-rises … the view stops conversation for a minute while guests ignore you and walk to the windows.  (Maybe we’re not descended from apes but rather from moths … we certainly gravitate towards the light.)

This home has been heavily renovated and is ready for move-in.

3C Kitchen 1

As you can see, the kitchen is so nice that even the nuclear orange, boxed mac and cheese you make will be impressive. Bosch appliances, and unless I miss my guess, a Dornbracht faucet.  It not only has the requisite overhead and under-cabinet lighting, but as you can see on the left, a view outside.  What you can’t see is that if you were standing at the sink, you’d also see outside. The recent renovation opened the kitchen to give nearly-open concept.

3C Living 2

See what I mean about nearly-open concept?  Yes, high-rises have posts, but originally this would have been buried in a wall, now it’s exposed because the walls came tumblin’ down.  What you wind up with here is the best of both.  The post offers space demarcation while allowing the rooms to be connected physically and visually.

3C Bedroom 1

After you’ve entertained your butt off, here’s the clean, hotel-style bedroom you want to return to.  Wood floors, uncluttered by junk, is just more peaceful, right?  It’s uncluttered because the master bedroom has a nifty walk-in closet.  No need for unpronounceably named Ikea bureaus stacked in the corner.  I mean, you’ve got over 2,000 square feet.  There’s space.

3C Bathroom 1


Off the bedroom is the master bath.  Bedhead and morning mouth?  Straight ahead.  Wash and “go”? Head left.  Get dressed?  Head right. The floating vanity offers plenty of space to exile a tattletale scale. As you can see from the reflection of the picture-taker in the mirror, with the door open, the “getting ready” part of the bathroom gets a good deal of natural light.

3C Bath 1

The second bathroom is no slouch either. Since most high-rises don’t have windows in their bathrooms, this white bathroom creates a light and bright space for … you know … bathroom things.

3C Patio 1

It’s a high-rise, right?  So what about the balcony space?  Warrington great balconies that run the length of the unit.  Some units like 3C are corners that have two aspects and so two balconies.  On this side balcony we see Turtle Creek with the city beyond.  For the smarty-pants among you, that’s the Claridge on the left, the scene of our March 22 Staff Meeting event.

Picture yourself relaxing on this patio?  Come on by on Sept. 22 and do it for real.

Remember:  High-rises, HOAs and renovation are my beat. But I also appreciate modern and historical architecture balanced against the YIMBY movement.  If you’re interested in hosting a Staff Meeting event, I’m your guy. In 2016, my writing was recognized with Bronze and Silver awards from the National Association of Real Estate Editors.  Have a story to tell or a marriage proposal to make?  Shoot me an email