Save the Date: House Hunters International Host Adrian Leeds Teaches You to Walk Like a Parisian

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Versailles, not everyone’s idea of a second home
Versailles, not everyone’s idea of a second home

“Cities have sexes: London is a man, Paris a woman, and New York a well-adjusted transsexual.”

― Angela Carter

It took me a while to warm to Paris.  As they say, I was young and dumb, passing through Charles de Gaulle airport on my way home from somewhere else. Those long minutes navigating the airport without a word of French scared me, as places do when you’re young in a foreign land and can’t communicate. I was trying to make change at a newsstand and became flustered. The French cashier seemed equally linguistically challenged, but seemingly equal to the task of shaming this young man.

It was over 15 years before a more mature me returned. And I fell in love as you do on second sight. I have since relaxed into a city whose language I remain largely ignorant of, but with whom I have learned to communicate.


Adrian Leeds
Adrian Leeds

Save the Date

On June 9, looks forward to infusing Dallas with a little Paris by welcoming Adrian Leeds, HGTV’s House Hunters International hostess and Paris real estate expert.  Having assisted countless clients realize their French ambitions, not to mention the tales from over 20 House Hunters International episodes, Leeds has stories to tell.

Maybe you dream of owning property in France?  Leeds will explain the nuances of purchasing and generating income from your second home in France. Unlike the U.S., there are laws to follow when renting property that vary from the U.S., as well as between towns and cities in France.

Or have you toyed with renting an apartment for a more immersive Parisian vacation? Perhaps you’re curious about longer-term stays for a residential cooking course or a semester abroad?  Leeds will give the tips to finding the perfect rental.

Of course, having lived in Paris for 22 years, she will also set your expectations on what your dollars will buy in various locations.  While Paris is less expensive than London, it is by no means cheap.  Unless your bank account is as large as Texas, real estate in the capital will be more bijoux than chateau. Leeds will guide you.

All of these topics will be covered by Leeds during a 45 minute presentation titled, “Living and Investing in France,” after which there will be time for questions.

For those wanting a head start, you can read Leeds’ own newsletters the twice-weekly Parler Paris and Parler Nice Nouvellettres®, the weekly French Property Insider.

Watch your email inbox next week for your invitation.

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