How to Choose the Right Doors to Enhance Any Home

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Door Ideas -- How to Help Clients Choose — masonite

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“The door is like the cover of a book,” says Dallas interior designer Barbara Gilbert. “It should attract people so they want to open it.”

Doors are uniquely important pieces of architecture because we interact with them every day. But choosing the right door isn’t always easy for homeowners or professionals. Masonite’s free guide, An Inside Look at Consumer Door Buying, helps builders and design industry professionals save time and reduce frustration.

Read on for the top three tips from Masonite for how to guide clients through the door selection process and make the experience easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Door Ideas -- How to Help Clients Choose — masonite
Photo: Barbara Gilbert Interiors

1. Edit the Choices

Most homeowners begin their search for doors online, and are quickly overwhelmed by an endless variety of brands, styles and technical specifications. It’s not easy to compare “apples to apples” products between various websites, most of which are full of confusing technical terms. Buyers care most about four important details: color, size, style and price – and this information can be surprisingly hard to find online.

Help the client sort through the choices. Start by reducing the selection to doors that meet the client’s technical needs, including durability, structure, and fire and weather resistance. For front doors, help them choose the finish and material that fits their desired reliability and level of maintenance.

For the interior, help determine if they prefer the noise control advantage of solid core doors. With the technical aspects decided, the client will be free to focus on aesthetics: the fun stuff.

2. Show Buyers Tangible Products

Buyers often want to touch and see doors up close, which means physical samples or powerful visuals are essential. Determining a door’s “feel” and quality is difficult to do from a picture. Clients want to inspect the details, and experience how a door feels when it opens and closes.

When possible, show your clients real doors they can touch and literally connect with. Keep a few best-selling doors around the office, or set up a fake wall with several doors mounted in it.

If that’s not possible, show them compelling visuals that help create a story. Make sure the images include close-up shots of the details, as well as the door being used in a home environment.

3. Give Feedback on Styles, Brands and Trends

Buyers want to hear updates on the latest design trends, along with review-type feedback from real people about particular styles and brands. Tell homeowners about other people’s experiences with different door brands and styles. If possible, provide direct recommendations from other clients, friends, neighbors and contractors.

Let your clients know what door styles are trending, and show them the popular designs on Masonite’s website, By providing personal recommendations and news on the latest trends, you’ll help the client make up his or her mind.

Door Ideas -- How to Help Clients Choose—masonite

Download the free consumer insights report today: An Inside Look at Consumer Door Buying.

You’ll also find expert tips about finding the perfect door on Masonite’s website, It’s full of helpful articles for you and your clients.

When it comes to choosing the right doors, Masonite is here to help. Learn how you can facilitate the process, and help your clients find a door they will love.


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