The Four R’s: REFRESH in The Claridge

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Claridge condos turtle creek

This is part three in a four-part series. Read parts one and two, and check back tomorrow for part four!

The Jefferson’s were all about “movin’ on up,” and that’s exactly where we’re going with this third in our quad-fecta of Claridge condos that will set the stage for the March 22nd anniversary of the Staff Meeting event.

This 2,876 square foot home is a full three bedroom, 3.5 bathrooms listed with Ebby’s Penny Rivenbark for $1.395 million. Located on the 15th floor, we’re eight-to-ten floors higher than our first two homes. Add to that a more north-facing view from the opposite side of the building and the views obviously change dramatically. Instead of a distant city there’s more in-your-face drama from neighboring buildings along with winding Turtle Creek views. And how many can boast a view of one of Dallas’ few Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, the Kalita Humphreys theater?

I’m calling this unit a “refresh” because while your wallpaper steamer may be working overtime, the fundamentals are very nice. (Although Rivenbark told me one of the first prospective buyers loved the wallpaper, and you might too!) There’s only really one minor project for me (and you’ll faint when I tell you).


Claridge condos turtle creek

Like all units in the Claridge, the living areas are expansive and being this high up makes you feel like you’re floating over the city. I think part of that feeling comes from the scattered nearby buildings as well as being able to see the ground. It’s definitely cool.

Claridge condos turtle creek

The hardwood floors are perfect and the open, built-in bar offers a gathering place for guests without having to go full-bore open concept. You can see in the distance a hint as to why you’ll be steaming wallpaper.

My only big change for this unit is the balcony. My fingers are shaking as I type this, but I really don’t like it intruding into the living space. For a few grand, I’d enclose it and extend the living area like many of the other owners have done. (I might also pop out those columns because I’m sooooo not a column guy.)

Claridge condos turtle creek

The dining room connects to the living room with an old/new chevron oak floor (which I really like). Great views are a given and would be enhanced by your trusty wallpaper steamer.

Claridge condos turtle creek

The kitchen is stellar big and quite new. It has a mix of open and closed upper cabinets because who wants to dust everyday plates and glasses? If you wanted to inject your personality you could redo the backsplash and countertops, but it’s really not needed and just something to do because you’re bored really.

Claridge condos turtle creek

If you like refrigeration as much as I do, these book-matched SubZero babies are for you. The range is full-on stainless steel butch with an in-counter Gaggenau grill and the vent hood powerful enough to keep the smoke detectors silent.

Claridge condos turtle creek

High-rises can be miserly with laundry room space. For most, they’re an afterthought or in older buildings stuck inconveniently in the kitchen. Here it’s big with good folding space and storage (and more wallpaper).

Claridge condos turtle creek

The bedrooms offer killer views of Dallas. Depending on your carpet feelings, you can leave it, change it or hardwood it. Otherwise, keep is clean and simple.

Claridge condos turtle creek

The powder room offers a jolt of red providing the “bam” many seek in a powder room. Dump the wallpaper if you must but the rest of the room is first rate.

Claridge condos turtle creek

Once again, the his/her master bath suite is so mondo-big you’d think you were in a house not a high-rise. Here we see the “hers” side with its bathtub.

M Bath 2 15A

And here’s the “his” side (“hers” in the distance) with its step-in shower. Already having a “comfort height” toilet, all this bath needs is a light refresh to ditch the brass. (I keep hearing brass is back but after installing/replacing within five years on my second renovation, I still don’t trust its longevity)

Bath 1 15A

Here’s a pleasantly neutral guest bathroom with classic updated tiles and cabinetry. Swap the brass and install a comfort height toilet and yer done! (My knees are big fans of comfort height toilets)

Unit 15A is a great home that needs little in the way of a refresh. Mostly wallpaper and brass fixture removal that someone could pound out in a few days. And yes, it’s still killing me to admit I’d enclose that balcony.

Our next and final quad-fecta property is Judy Pittman’s sub-penthouse 18CF.


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