Exclusive: The Sky Bridge of Preston Center Top Floor – Pretty Snazzy, Sleek

01.14.15-Preston Center Pavilion(email)_Part2-1

We have been enjoying Valentine’s Day too much it seems, with this beautiful day in Dallas. As promised here is the first of three exclusive renderings depicting the proposed skybridge at Preston Center Crow Holdings wants to connect a possible second story grocer with the top level of the Preston Center parking lot. Note this rendering includes a roof over the parking lot, which may or may not be in the plans.

As you can see, the skybridge will be wide enough for people, strollers, even a few cafe tables and chairs for folks who might want to grab a quick lunch at this (as yet nameless) grocer. It’s a very interesting and attractive bridge. There will be a rampway down to the parking for carts because the skybridge will be slightly highers than the second floor parking lot level. Crow Holdings says there will be no basket corrals in the lot, and no parking spaces will be lost. Carts may be corralled on the skybridge. You are looking at an elevator here to0 the first floor. I like the railing with a bit of a contemporary mode — you?

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