Steve Wolens Owns a Unit at The Athena While Wife Laura Gets Involved in Transwestern Dispute

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Athena exteriorYou know all about the fracas Behind the Pink Wall, the “No” signs all over Preston Hollow. And you know that former Mayor Laura Miller (and former City Councilman Mitchell Rasanksy, both of whom live in Preston Hollow) have asked Jennifer Gates to get another proxy beside City Councilman Lee Kleinman because he isn’t “willing to listen enough” to homeowners who live up and down Northwest Highway who are concerned about increased traffic from this project, homeowners from as far away as Central and Midway Hollow.

Well, get this: turns out Laura’s husband, Steve Wolens, who also signed the March 25th letter to Kleinman asking for a major meeting, owns a unit at The Athena. Yes, he owns at 6335 Northwest Highway, unit 1611, about 1800 square feet that is DCAD valued at $244,100 $408,000. Looks like Steve has owned this place for a long time. Like since 1999. Did he inherit it perhaps? Buy it when he was a bachelor?Athena driveway Athena lobby Athena indoor pool Athena exercise Athena pool room

Is this a big deal? Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. Maybe it shows that Steve and Laura have some skin in the game, financial interests in what happens Behind the Pink Wall. If Transwestern gets their project built, some say the older properties Behind the Pink Wall might be worth less. Full disclosure: I own a unit on Averill Way; totally undecided.

I phoned up a hot shot Dallas appraiser, asked what he thinks would happen to the older properties Behind the Pink Wall IF Transwestern builds those brand spanking new multi-family luxury apartments. And does he think apartments there might be a bad idea? Stay tuned for what he says.


Athena 1015Looking at The Athena, looks like units there run from $200,000 to $400,000. The high rise was built in 1966, has 143 units on 21 floors, an indoor pool and an exercise facility. Looking in MLS, there are no listings of units available for sale or lease at The Athena. The interior pictured here is a unit on the 10th floor that sold in 2005 for $200,000 or about $112.99 per square foot.


Candy Evans

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  1. Caroline Allen says

    Interesting that those opposed to the Transwestern proposal are upset that Lee Kleinman doesn’t care to keep meeting with them. Reportedly, none of the oppositional groups have been willing to meet with Transwestern, despite repeated requests from the company. Communication is key to working out issues. Why can’t representatives from each of the groups that have an interest (or, more accurately, feel that they do) meet calmly and respectfully together with the goal of coming to an agreement that serves the best interests of the city and its residents from the Preston Hollow area?

    • mmCandy Evans says

      Cody: Does The Athena have laundry facilities within each unit? I know Preston Tower does not, which is one slight drawback. But you cannot beat the location. I told my husband he’ll have to drag me out of Preston Hollow kicking and screaming!

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