Winner: Belk’s Floors Look Slicker Than Owl Crap on a Glass Doorknob

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It’s Monday afternoon, and wine awaits me at a hip pocket about to go on the market. So I must decide which wonderful southern-style phrase folks sent in response to our charity ticket give-away wins the gin for this Thursday evening.

You have heard by now of Belk, the new, hip, but oh so southern department store coming into the old Marshall Fields/Saks Fifth Avenue store at the Dallas Galleria. You recall how we interviewed the store’s (hot) manager, Salem Boohaker, found him finer than frog hair split four ways. We helped him find a place to roost in Uptown. Then he gave me a gift of Juicy Couture cosmetics last Friday. I mean, how does it get any better?

Candy and Belk Store Mgr Belk escalator Belk purses

Belk is gearing up to open its first flagship location in Texas with a not-to-be-missed charity shindig benefiting Susan G. Komen on April 3. They’re gonna have more people there than Carter’s got Liver pills.

We like to shop (a lot) at CandysDirt. When we shop, we are happy as a dead pig in the sunshine. So we thought it very much related to real estate to give away one pair of tickets worth $100 to one lucky couple to attend this ‘do. All they had to do was send in some fun Southern phrases that we could then use on the blog.

Here’s what we got:

“It sure dills my pickle that I might not get to go to this event if I don’t win tickets!”, this from Katie Hill. Hate to dill your pickle, Katie!

“I’d be grinning like a possum eating a sweet potato if I were chosen!”, this from Peter Stawicki. Not bad. I didn’t know possums liked sweet potatoes. Maybe that’s why I have so many in my yard!

“Those shiny floors in that there store look slicker than owl crap on a glass doorknob.” This from Allen Keith, who works with designer extraordinaire Margaret Chambers.

Oh now what a perfect way to describe those floors, or any very shiny surface. Of which we see so many.

The winner is…  Allen Keith, with Katie Hill as runner up.

Allen, see if you can get me all your info faster than a knife fight in a phone booth because I am busier than a one-armed monkey with two peckers!

(Did I just write that?)


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