More From the Build ‘Em, They Will Come Department: Hillwood Going Vertical With 2400 New Homes Near Frisco

Lantana, RPG

Lantana, RPG

It is no secret that the northern environs of North Texas — Frisco, Flower Mound, Little Elm — are growing by leaps and bounds. After all, this is the site of Nebraska Furniture Mart, a place where people can buy spacious new homes for $350,000, plop their kids in good schools, and live. Look at how quickly homes are selling at Phillips Creek Ranch, Lantana and my personal hearthrob, Light Farms.  and No matter how loudly the greens squawk about suburban sprawl, this is the good life for thousands in North Texas. I read Wendell Cox a lot:

In fact, the suburbs are hardly in decline, with 93.5 percent of major metropolitan area growth outside a 10 mile radius from city hall between the 2000 and 2010 censuses (See: Flocking Elsewhere: The Downtown Growth Story).

So of course Hillwood Communities is building a $600 million residential community northwest of Frisco called Union Park with 2400 new housing units that will be snapped up faster than you can say “State of the Union.”. The location is on U.S. Highway 380 in Little Elm, which has also seen explosive growth.

Steve Brown reports the master-planned residential community will have a 30-acre central park and home and other fun features plus great price points that will cinch the attraction: $200,000 to $350,000 will get you in. Construction will start this spring.

“People really want open spaces more than anything else in a master-planned community,”  (Fred) Balda (President of Hillwood) said.  “We were very deliberate in building this community around more than twice the required green space to promote a small-town feel and encourage socializing.”

The U.S. 380 corridor in Collin and Denton counties is one of North Texas’ strongest new home markets, say experts: 6.500 new homes have closed along this corridor since 2000.unionpark

 Union Park by Hillwood