Acre’s New High: After 2.5 Years on Market, Park Lane Lot Finds Happy Buyer

5020 Park Lane extGet out your pens, folks, here is another market bellwether: 5020 Park Lane. On the market for 2.5 years. Could be because the seller listened to her psychic, not her trusted agent, when it came to pricing and set the price for the 1.12 acre lot at $3,595,000 and launched the listing when Mercury was leaving retrograde.

When she finally opened her ears, along came a buyer who sat down beside her after her agent whispered $1.8, baby, $1.8.

And then, cha-ching.

Sets a new high for acres, because even though there is a 3074 square foot ranch home on this lot, the value is in the dirt.

This is in chi chi Sunnybrook Estates, where Rachael Dedman built an 18,392 square foot mansion on 4.14 acres that DCAD has valued at more than $10 million. Tony Visconti has a magnificent mansion going up on a prime DeLoache lot that should be north of $12 million when complete. And the mansions, they just keep on coming… no matter where Mercury is dancing.Rendering5020 Park lane rear



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