Hearing For Proposed Oak Lawn DHA Development Slated For Feb. 6 as Neighbors Seek Accord With Housing Authority

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Kings Road Demolition

You remember the huge DHA project that is scheduled for the former site of the housing authority’s Kings Road project. A rezoning proposal that increased the scale, reduced parking and could perhaps exacerbate security issues on the property, had rubbed some neighbors the wrong way.

Mike Harper, who runs the RezoningDHA.com website, is hoping that the community will turn out for the Feb. 6 hearing at Dallas City Hall. It starts at 1:30 p.m. and is an opportunity for nearby residents to be heard on the density and location of the site.

“At the current time, we are still trying to engage in a ‘Good Neighbor Agreement’ that would address some of the management/security issues that are not specifically related to the zoning variance request,” Harper said via email. “At the same time, we are still trying to work with DHA on moving the placement of where some of the buildings are on the property and still asking for some reduction in the number of units, however we do not have a response on this yet.”

DHA chief MaryAnn Russ  has said “we believe that our customers and clients – low income families, seniors and individuals with disabilities – need and deserve to live in good neighborhoods just as higher income people do.”

True, but what about a compromise? And although Russ may be right, that still doesn’t change the fact that reports of criminal activity were frequent. According to Harper, Councilmember Adam Medrano has promised nearby homeowners that he’ll keep the dialogue open between the DHA and property owners.

Here’s hoping they can all meet in the middle for the good of the neighborhood.




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