While President Obama Campaigned in These Dallas Homes, This Little Entrepreneur Made Hay While the Sun Shined

3507-crescent1-450x298If you live in Preston Hollow, you know how inconvenienced we were momentarily Wednesday night as the President arrived at Love Field about an hour late, then ran over to Temple Emmanuel at Hillcrest and Northwest Highway for his health care plug. I steered clear of Northwest Highway and Hillcrest, thinking I was clever. Then, about 6 p.m., no one was allowed to get anywhere near Walnut Hill Lane. Why? The President was at 4906 Shadywood enjoying a reception at the home of Peter A. and Lisa V. Kraus. Then it was party time at the Highland Park home of lawyer Russell Bud on Crescent. Looks like the police cleared a segment of the Dallas North Tollway as well as Walnut Hill Lane.

As I was taking back roads to attempt to get home, (thinking maybe I could get to 635) I saw this entrepreneurial young man selling lemonade and hand-made art, for a donation. He was near Preston and Northwest Highway, off Averill Way. I asked him what he was doing with the “donation”? Was it for the President’s favorite charity, I asked? And what charity?

“I haven’t figured that out yet,” he said.


He was so cute I gave him $5. He asked me if I wanted a painting or a glass of lemonade — “I made it myself!” I accepted a cup of his lemonade. Little on the weak side but hey, fewer carbs.

I mean, have you ever seen anything cuter? Or smarter? I’m sure he was well out of lemonade come six o clock with all those cars backed up.

Don’t know about the art. Cute kid selling lemon

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