Lakewood Home Festival Features Brookcove Home of Artist Shannon Kincaid

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(Editor’s Note: If you don’t have tickets already to the Lakewood Home Festival this weekend, better snatch them up quick! If you’re feeling lucky, find out how to win a pair of tickets at the end of this post.)

ShannonThe Lakewood Home Festival is one of the oldest home tours in Dallas, and one of the most successful ones, to boot. It manages to get better every year, thanks to the volunteers and homeowners who graciously host tours. This year, the homes are tremendous and very special, but one home stands out from the crowd thanks to its unique finishes and artistic sensibilities. It’s 7130 Brookcove, home of Lakewood artist Shannon Kincaid. The house is a recently renovated Italian villa-inspired home with tons of gorgeous custom finishes and fabulous mosaics throughout.

Shannon is a successful and prolific portrait artist who was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about her home and what it’s like getting ready for a home tour. Shannon will have some of her work for sale inside her home studio during this weekend’s home tour. Find out more about Shannon on her website. Where there any special touches you added to this home that appeal to your sensibilities as a portrait artist?

Shannon Kincaid: Oh yes! Most every surface in the house is hand-finished or created by hand, i.e. Venetian plaster walls and a faux fresco in the powder bath of one of Michelangelo’s Sibyls (prophetess) from the Sistine Chapel.

CD:  Did you do anything in particular to get your home ready for the Lakewood Home Festival?

Shannon: YES! I’ve been cleaning and seeing to finishing touches both inside and out (landscaping) since I learned we were chosen as one of the tour houses in August!


CD: Tell us, what is your favorite room in your home? Why?

Shannon: The Great Room and my studio are my two favorite rooms. The Great Room because we all love to cook and be together and the space in this room permits everyone to be in there at once and not under foot of anyone’s project. The mosaic above the stove top is my rendition in stained glass, of Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party which perfectly illustrates that camaraderie. My studio because it’s where I go to create and tap into that underground Spring called talent. I call my studio el Cielo because it’s my sanctuary (paradise).

CD: When renovating your home, what was the most important feature you wanted to emphasize? What was your overall goal?

7130 Brookcove-99-Edit

Shannon: We love the Italian aesthetic, both in terms of lifestyle and style of architecture. Those people just have it going on, they live in the center of the universe of great food, art, history and culture. We’ve traveled a lot in Tuscany and did our very best to emulate the Tuscan farmhouse style. I love calling our home, “Under the Tuscan Sun.”

CD: When people tour your home this weekend, what is something they should not miss?

Shannon: I’d say the mosaics are pretty fun to see. There’s one in the kitchen, laundry room, the pool and at the outside kitchen. Also, the downstairs powder bath is where the faux fresco is and she’s pretty overwhelming and cool. Not to be missed is the exceptional stone work both inside and outside the house by the best stonemason I’ve ever met, Miguel Romo.


Want to win a pair of tickets? Email with your contact information for a random drawing. 


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