Yes, Dallas, There IS a New High End Luxury Condominium Complex Coming to Town

1228_N6_webviewThis is very preliminary scoop, so I will tell you outright that I may not have all the facts perfectly straight. But soon, I will. Let me tell you this: 2505 Turtle Creek, doesn’t that addy have a nice ring to it. I will bet you $100 and a bottle of Veuve that will be the name of a new, gorgeous, super high end luxury condominium coming to the corner of Turtle Creek & Fairmont.

I know I have said high end and luxury like 16 times but you’ve got to believe me, this building is better and glossier and more luxurious than anything we currently have in Dallas, which is impossible to believe. But, it’s true.

06Siamak Hariri1 Great GulfThe developer is Great Gulf, out of Toronto. The architect (pictured above) is Sianak Hariri. You simply must see his work. The agents — Sloan/Lester out of Briggs Freeman Sothebys, of course.

There will be 22 stories but only 60 units, which tells me they will be large, sprawling, Texas-loving sized units. None of this 500 square foot nonsense. I am hearing that they will be priced quite high, because, you know, quality is expensive.

Oh my yes, it is.

Stay tuned, stay very tuned.

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