What Was Dez Bryant Saying to Tony Romo During Sunday's Game Melt Down?

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dez-bryant-meltdownWe are pretty sure it had something to do with real estate. Tony, as you know, is building a spectacular house in Glen Abbey. I am hearing it will push 12,000 32,000 square feet. Maybe he’s trying to sell his Cottonwood Valley home in Irving to Dez, who lives in DeSoto. Maybe Dez was telling him to follow in the path of former quarterback Troy Aikman, who has made some very sound real estate decisions, who in fact has made a bundle in real estate.

SAMSUNGDez Bryant’s mother’s house tony-romo-house11Tony’s place in Irving

“Glen Abbey my a*&%! You need to be the the Bubble,” maybe Dez was saying while he was jetting around.

But maybe Romo quipped back with, no way. We like the security of Glen Abbey — no rubbernecking drivers on my hiney like they are on Troy’s all day long.

Well, you know, Dez might have said, I don’t like your home being bigger than mine. I’m going to buy Michael Jordan’s place, it’s up for auction up there in Chicagoland,  7.39 landscaped acres just north of The Windy, 56,000 square feet of living space, with 9 bedrooms, 15 full bathrooms and, as one might expect from this basketball superstar stud, a regulation-size, NBA-quality basketball court – all surrounded by a living fence of 150 mature evergreens. He had it on the market for $29 million. Didn’t sell, auctioning it all now with no reserve but some starting bids.

Then Dez might have reminded Tony of yet another home hitting the market, that of former NBA guard Michael Finley, who played for the Mavs until 2005, and was once considered among the most gifted scorers during his peak, from 1995 to 2010.Michael Finley shirt Michael Finley tee shirts Finley made more than $138 million during his playing career, I read, but not pulling that much coin these days. He left the Mavericks for the San Antonio Spurs. In fact, Finley just had an estate sale at a Dallas home on Walnut Hill Lane like two weeks ago. He sold off baby shoes, jumpers, stuffed animals, furniture by Dallas designer Joanie Wyll, and signed jerseys. He also signed and sold his Fooz ball game, Coke machine, NBA Arcade game, Air Jordan shoes and his desk drawer! Just the drawer? What about the rest of the desk?


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