Kelly Logsdon Rush is Champions School of Real Estate Teacher of the Year!

kelly-rushMaybe you went to Yale or SMU for your undergrad degree, but if you have a real estate license and you got it in Dallas, chances are you went to Champions School of Real Estate on Mapleshade in Plano. That’s where I went, that’s where Kari Schlegel Kloewer went, that’s where everyone goes to get a license. Even Eleanor Mowery Sheets was there last June. I don’t know about you, but my favorite teacher was Kelly Logsdon Rush. (The guy who taught real estate law was number two.) Kelly was fun, vivacious, and boy did she know her stuff. I actually kept my iphone in my purse during her class — she was more interesting than email!

A whole lot of students at Champions agree: Kelly was selected from more than 80 statewide instructors for her “contribution to Excellence in Teaching. You are a true subject matter expert in real estate courses and your expertise in investment courses, client representation, are excellent.”

The letter went on to say that the evaluations came from season agents as well as the newbies.

“The real estate agents know you have correct information and your presentation style has their well-being at heart. Your use of enthusiasm mixed with technology and lecture equals a dynamic learning experience.”

Congratulations, Kelly. Kelly is an Ebby Halliday agent at Ebby’s Little White House. I’ve asked her to begin contributing to not because I was teacher’s pet or anything, but because I think we may need to hear from The Teacher once in awhile. And it would be a blast to re-live class right here on this blog!

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