Tumblr Blog Shows Agents Across The Pond Have Ugly Real Estate Photos, Too

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If you need a good belly laugh today, here’s a great Tumblr blog for you. “Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs” is chock-full of pictures that somehow made it onto real estate listings in the U.K. There are some real gems here, including weird photoshop jobs like this one:

Bad Photoshop TREAP


Why, oh why would you photoshop a laughing woman on top of a perfectly normal bedroom? What is she laughing about? The exposed cords? The unfinished bunk beds? Just weird.

And then there’s this one. I guess posting a photo of some random old dude wandering around in a bedroom is definitely going to make someone feel like they should put money down on this property, stat. Also, does he not look like he really wants to get in that bed? CREEPY.

Creeper Dude TREAP


And here’s my personal favorite: As the agent is taking a photo, someone is beating on the glass window. Are they angry that she’s taking this shot at a horrible angle? That she’s obviously in the mirror? Or is he trying to get her attention so that she’ll move the furniture into a more appealing position, and maybe get rid of those ugly pillows? We’ll never know.

Intruder TREAPSeriously, this blog is a riot. There are posts like this one that will just have you rolling. Suffice it to say, we’re definitely following this hilarious Tumblr blog today.



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