Can Mike Miles Whip DISD Into Shape as Fast as He Sold His North Dallas Home?

mike miles former houseI would like to think so. There are so many varying opinions out there on his performance, and as for this last round of doo-doo,  I am still not sure I understand. What did Mike Mikes do that was so wrong and grounds for dismissal? Oh, he did not support his board, that’s it. And he leaked things to Jim Schutze at the Dallas Observer courting his support I guess, and trying to make himself look better than the board, allegedly. You know what they say: sometimes you have to be your own PR person. Maybe he has been too heavy-handed, his ego has enjoyed too much mountain air. But it was pretty darn rotten of his “detractors” to protest in front of his Hockaday house on his son’s birthday!

Don’t protest there again: Miles closed Thursday on the home, which was not in MLS, so the sales price won’t be published. You know what that means: give me a few days.

Meantime, Mike, now that the house is sold, why don’t you and the board all go on a retreat together and do some ropes courses? Maybe take the board to Colorado Springs for some white water rafting… might cost less than a hundred grand!

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