Media Rooms of the Rich and Famous in Dallas, Where One Movie Screen is Never Enough

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We hear this baloney from time to time that this room is in, and that one’s out, kind of like we hear that home sizes are shrinking. Poppycock. Truth is, homes are still getting bigger, the media room is still very much alive, in demand, and so popular that in many Dallas homes, one is never enough…

My very favorite media rooms with an “s” in town belong to Eric and Audrey Spangenberg at 9806 Inwood. According to the Dallas Appraisal District, the home is valued at $9.336 million for tax purposes (which means nothing) and is owned by Ceales Trust. According to the Wall Street Journal, the owners Erich and Audrey Spangenberg, are founders of the patent-assertion legal firm IPNav. According to me, they have the most beautiful media room in Dallas.9806-Inwood-Theatre 9806-Inwood-concession

Hollow-Way-10000-1334-800x525.jpgtheater Hicks home
The media room at Tom Hicks’ Crespi Estate is actually a media house:

Hollow-Way-10000-1349-800x536.jpg Hicks media room Hollow-Way-10000-1368-800x532.jpg theater tech This is Darryl Johnston’s old media room at 6520 Northaven Road in Dallas. It features seven brown, leather recliners on two rows, ornate carpeting underfoot, framed movie posters, and a huge screen that can be covered with red drapes to make this media room a mini, in-home performance hall:

At 5323 Swiss Avenue this home is historic because it has not one, but two media rooms. One media room is in the main house and one is in the guesthouse. I love BOTH of them!

5323 Swiss Ave media room

Media room for the budget-minded! Six seats and a wet bar at  6306 Royalton Drive in North Dallas/Preston Hollow:

They have media rooms in Frisco, too! A Frisco media room at 8252 Treemont Place. Great surround system.

Golf or TV? Not a hard choice in this Irving house at 1508 Nelson Drive. The only choice is, which media room do you pick when this house also has two?1508 Nelson Drive media room


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