The Good Home Company: How To Make Your Home Smell Like a Million Bucks

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There is one very important aspect of marketing a home that many of us forget to cover: the way a home smells. It’s like Feng Sui for the nose. The sense of smell plays a key role in the decision to purchase a home.  A home that has a pleasant scent is not only much more attractive to buyers, but the olfactory nerve also has the uncanny ability to trigger memories and emotions as well as enhance mood. When I bought my first home in Dallas, I will never forget the agent who had bread baking in every home she listed. God that smelled divine! So I was happy to discover The Good Home Co., Inc.® a line of award-winning home fragrance and cleaning products. All the products, from laundry detergent and softener to cleaning products and hand lotion, ere created in the kitchen of the founder, Christine, a New York City-based fragrance designer who went to Parsons School of Design. Unlike any other scented products, The Good Home Company fragrances are based on memories (kind of like vacation homes) and designed to transport you to a place: a beach house smelling like fresh sea air & suntan oil, a summer home on a fresh sunny day, or simply snuggly family surrounded by the coziness of lavender. The Good Home Co. line of home cleaning products is the first of its kind to combine natural ingredients with fine fragrances, making cleaning both a luxurious and environmentally friendly experience.

Of course, you never want to mask odors. There was a multi-million dollar home not too far from me that had a candle burning in every room for every showing. Shortly after the buyers purchased the home, they found a major water problem beneath the foundation and the plant retaining wall — big drainage problems.  Those candle were masking the smell of water. A lawsuit followed, big expensive icky mess.

So I want to be sure to make a distinction between masking a noxious home odor and making a home smell fresh and fragrant. Darling Homes, for example, pumps “new home smell” into every brand-spanking new home they sell. You, too can achieve this freshness with products from The Good Home Company. Thus far, I have tried the laundry detergent,  clothes softener and the reed diffuser. I also sprayed Beach House Sheet and Clothing Spray in our bedroom two weeks before we left for the beach, just to get my husband dreaming of Maine. Not only do the products make my home smell divine, the bottles are pretty enough to leave out on display. Also, The Good Home Company delivers everything, including refills, right to your doorstep. Got to tell you, I’m hooked, and know exactly what to give hard-to-buy friends for the holidays this year!

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