Dallas Arboretum Parking Saga: Officials Say 6-Story Garage Across Garland Road From Arboretum Won’t Impact Neighborhoods, Traffic

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It was just a year ago that public outcry from neighborhoods surrounding the Dallas Arboretum put the kibosh on a parking lot planned for Winfrey Point. That project would have paved over a significant portion of the restored prairie and baseball fields inside one of White Rock Lake’s most popular areas.

It was protracted, dramatic, and thankfully short. It sent Arboretum officials back to the drawing board to formulate a parking plan that won’t impact neighborhoods, views, and traffic on Garland Road — a major East Dallas thoroughfare.

According to stories by The Dallas Morning News and WFAA, the 1,200-space garage is planned for a lot on Garland Road that the Arboretum already owns. It will be connected to the main property via an underground tunnel, allowing patrons to cross the busy three-lane road safely.

Of course, neighbors in Little Forest Hills, Forest Hills, and other nearby communities aren’t just going to stand idly by. While the Arboretum is on a deadline for new parking spaces thanks to getting the boot from Lincoln Properties, folks still plan on getting a very close look at the garage and its construction before giving it a nod of approval:

“We have a checkered history with the Arboretum; they haven’t always played on the up-and-up,” said neighbor Kelly Cotten. “I think it’s right to come to these meetings with some cautious suspicion.”

I think I remember someone suggesting this plan last year as an alternative to the Winfrey Point parking lot, but I could be mistaken. In any case, I hope Good Fulton & Farrell Architects are up to the task of working with some very ornery neighbors.

What do you think of the plan? Would you want to live next to a 1,200-space parking garage?


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