Now We Know Why Ross Perot, Jr. is Selling His W Penthouse: the Perots Just Bought an $18 Million Home in Bel-Air

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Perot Penthouse Arch Digest bath Perot Penthouse Arch Digest balcony Perot Penthouse Arch Digest 2 Perot Penthouse Arch DigestI knew something was up. I mean, people of means like to buy real estate the way I like to buy shoes! And you can bet my last dollar that if I ever had a couple billion, I’d have a closet-ful of homes. Remember when I told you (and CultureMap) that Ross Perot Jr. had quietly listed his penthouse at the W? My dear buddy Mama, aka The Real Estalker, alerts me to the recent purchase of an $18 million, 10,000 plus square foot totally amazing historical home called “Mia Patria” that she says Ross Jr. just picked up in the Los Angeles area, specifically Bel Air. I know because she (he) (a) rocks and (b) hollered at me to ask me, don’t he and the missus P have a substantial residence nearby?

Well, duh, yeah, over on Gillon in Highland Park.

This makes so much more sense. You don’t need a condo in downtown Dallas, really when you have a 9,844 square foot home circa 1993 in Highland Park what, five miles away? God yes, buy a place in Bel Air. Or Palm Springs.

According to Mama, Mi Patria is a “walled, gated and expensively maintained and upgraded Spanish hacienda with a history of high profile owners in L.A.’s hoity toity Bel Air community.” The home is about 9,000 square feet, has five bedrooms and eight baths, was built in 1929 but recently carefully restored, with an eye to it’s heritage. I am quite sure Mrs. Perot will be bringing in some designers to fluff things up. She likes Cathy Kincaid but Jan Showers Emily Summers did the penthouse which, I’m told, even has sterling silver door handles and hinges. There is a putting green, a pool, pool bath we think, and I love this: a gym with a Zen garden for meditating. This home is so California! Next thing you know they will have an organic garden and turn vegan!

HRPerotJr_BA_PICS4 HRPerotJr_BA_PICS3 Mr and Mrs. PerotProperty records show Mi Patria was most recently owned by Freddy De Mann, a near mythic film and theater producer, music executive and co-founder of Maverick Records. But… “in his heyday he managed a coupla superstars like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lionel Richie and Billy Idol during their professional days. Mister De Mann is, well, Da Man, you know? Anyways, property records show Mister and Missus De Mann acquired the Bel Air mini-estate in October 2001 for $6,500,000 from the Nancy Daly, an important philanthropist and prominent social fixture in Los Angeles (and beyond) who passed in 2009.”

And now it joins the Perot family real estate portfolio, along with their winter/summer place in Vail.

Mama goes into so much detail, like she always so wonderfully does in all of her posts, describing every single room and attribute. Me, I’m too hyper — gotta go shopping. But do read her every word as she really educated the entire world on the rich and powerful of Dallas:

Property records show the mini-estate was most recently acquired for exactly $18 million through an opaquely named corporate entity that links directly back to the Plano, TX offices of Perot Systems, the very company Perot Senior sold to Dell but where Perot Junior still holds the title of Chairman of the Board. It might be ignorant to say it out loud but we don’t even really know what a Chairman of the Board does. But that’s really not the point, is it? Anyhoo, altogether three well connected canaries have chirped to Your Mama that Mister Perot, Jr. and his wife, Sarah, are the new keepers of the elegant Mi Patria estate. Make of that “evidence” what you will. Okay?




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