You Don't Need To Be Psychic To Know What Homebuyers Want! NAR Study Dissects What Features Sell Homes

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What kinds of features sell homes? According to the National Association of Realtors 2013 Home Features Survey, upgrades, as well as extra space, will turn a listing into a sale.

“Deciding where to live comes with a lot of options, but buyers quickly realize that some features are more important than others when it comes to choosing the right house for them,” said NAR President Gary Thomas. “Buyers need to have a clear idea of what features are important to them and know where they are willing to compromise; in this respect, Realtors® can bring buyers home. Realtors® visit hundreds of homes with buyers each year, and have a unique understanding of what buyers value in their local markets.”

So what kind of features are more important than others? Well, 57 percent of homebuyers wanted a house with a fireplace, 78 percent put a premium on a garage, and 41 percent bought homes with basements.

As for us Southerners:

Southerners tend to buy newer homes; they were more likely to want a home less than five years old and in a wooded lot with trees when compared to other regions. Not surprisingly, buyers in the South also placed a higher importance on central air conditioning.

Can you imagine living in a home without central air? Me neither. Read more about the study below!

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