Flowers Are Like Diamonds to Any Room, And Diamonds Are My (Very) Best Friends!

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about-us-marqueesponsoredcontentNow for a word from our sponsor, sort of. As this site grows, we are peppering our real estate news with a bit of interior design goodies. Like all our vendors, our design advertisers are hand-picked because they have wonderful products and design sense. And sometimes we need them to help sell a house!

I have introduced you to Bernadette Schaeffler, taste-maker, furniture designer and lifestyle expert extraordinaire. Right about now, if your home is like mine, it is loaded with dusty holiday ornaments that need to be put away and if I see another poinsettia I will scream.

It’s time for diamonds — which to Bernadette are flowers, but really diamonds for a room. I have never thought of flowers that way.

And like diamonds, I tend to prefer the real McCoy over the fake. However, some silk and fabric flowers are so wonderfully real looking I have succumbed, just like I wear CZ when travelling and get tons of compliments. That, plus the top of my mantel needs resurfacing thanks to a leaky pot — like implants, sometimes silicone is really better than Mother Nature!

Herewith, Bernadette’s floral secrets. Much, much more can be found on her blog!


Flowers can add a wonderful warmth to a home! In my opinion they are like jewelry and let every room sparkle. I love to mix and match and hand make unique custom design flower arrangements out of high quality silk flowers and would like to share this with you. These artistic arrangements have a real look and guarantee low maintenance.

Bernadette Schaeffler Collection

The todays technology makes silk arrangements look more lifelike than ever. I personally like silk flowers because in a long term they save you money and only little attention is needed if any! For some of my clients I do not glue the flower arrangements, so I can always rearrange or add silk flowers.

Image 4


I offer containers or take the one you wish and compliment it with a splendid arrangement. I am glad to brainstorm ideas with you and work with you or your designer on the process.



SBernadette Schaeffler Collection



Bernadette Schaeffler Collection







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