Lee Harvey Oswald Bricks For Sale and Going Fast!

Here’s one of the Atlanta bricks for sale by the owners of the Oak Cliff apartment complex where Lee Harvey Oswald once lived.

There are lots more available on Ebay. This historical apartment building was torn down last week, at 602 to 604 Elsbeth in Oak Cliff. As you can see, it was kind of a mess but, being such a vital part of U.S. history, I am thrilled that the owner, Jayne Ann Bryant, is salvaging and selling the bricks.

Because I have received several emails asking where they can be bought!

“They are going fast,” Jayne Anne told me on the phone yesterday. “And they are really good, solid Atlanta, Texas bricks.” The bricks were made in a town called Atlanta, Texas, north of Shreveport in Cass County prior to World War II. The Elsbeth property was built in 1925.

Could this have been Lee Harvey Oswald’s commode?

On Ebay, the bidding starts at $11 a brick.

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