Tis the Season for Sprucing Up Real Estate: Here’s $25 Towards Cleaner Carpets, Holiday Lights or a Cleaner Holiday House

I drove through Highland Park tonight and was amazed at how many homes have lights up and are sparkly gorgeous ALREADY! In Dallas we don’t mess around: four weeks MAX to touch up roots, and holiday decorations go up the day after Thanksgiving.

And anyone who recalls the holiday lighting perils of Clark Griswald knows too well: some things are best left to the professionals. One year my son-in-law and I tried lighting our giant Live Oak with ladder and staples — nearly killed ourselves. We pay people to do most things around the house – yard work, pool cleaning, installing ceiling fans and carpet cleaning – why in the world attempt to install intricate lighting displays on each and every branch of our oak trees? In fact, tonight I saw one tree with the dreaded “band of darkness” in between the brights and I knew, that’s a dead strand of lights. One strand equals only about 6 inches on a big, thick tree trunk. Leave it to the pros!

And as you know, I don’t do roofs.

Like a Knight in Shining Armour, and just in time for the holidays, ClubLocal is here when we need it the most. ClubLocal is an online home repair everything service that lets you book home services efficiently online and through its iPhone app. I told you about this genius new company a few weeks ago, and now I have great news. Just in time for the holidays, ClubLocal has expanded its home service offerings to include holiday lighting installation and decoration. For once in our life time, getting the lights done is as easy as buying a gift online, no kidding! You can book a ClubLocal Service Pro to come to your home within a two hour window and install the grandest lighting display, or just hang up the lights you have for a simple, yet elegant home transformation.

And this is better than eggnog: customers who register by December 15 will receive an email offer for an additional $25 credit toward a carpet cleaning, holiday lights or house cleaning service to be booked by the end of the year!

In addition to easy online booking, ClubLocal delivers only the best service providers in Dallas-Fort Worth. That’s why we like them so much: everyone is vetted. ClubLocal conducts background checks on all of its service providers and ensures each is licensed and insured. You are notified when your Service Pro is on the way, and can track their location in real time via the ClubLocal iPhone app. No more “my truck broke down” excuses! The process is simple and convenient and takes care of at least one more thing on your holiday checklist!

Here’s the full list of holiday lighting services offered by ClubLocal includes:

  • Custom Holiday Lighting Installation
  • Custom Holiday Lighting Design
  • Christmas Lighting Installation
  • Holiday Tree Decoration & Wrapping
  • End Of Season Lighting Removal
  • Basic Holiday Light Setup
  • Christmas Decoration Setup
  • Wreath & Garland Decorating
  • Lighting Installation On Roofline, Gutters, & Windows

Book your appointment online, or call 1-800-699-3171.