After a Lengthy Battle, Site of Lee Harvey Oswald’s Former Apartment is Being Razed


Roy Appleton/Dallas Morning News photo

Update 3:09 p.m: I added this great photo of the complex going bye bye– this is history, folks.


The owner of the apartment building where alleged JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald once lived fought tooth and nail against City Hall to keep the dilapidated building from meeting the wrecking ball.

That fight ended today, according to Dallas Morning News reporter Roy Appleton. Crews began dismantling the brick building this morning, and will likely finish the task today. The building, which sits on the corner of West Davis and North Elsbeth streets, is just a hundred yards or so from the Bishop Arts District.

Still, the building’s owner is trying to add a silver lining to this cloud and make a buck, too.

Jane Bryant, whose Align LP owns and is trying to sell the property at 600 Elsbeth St. in north Oak Cliff, is under a court order to raze the structure by Friday. And Monday afternoon she was there as a worker removed bricks from its outer walls.

Bryant, who agreed to the order in May, said she hopes to hire a demolition contractor soon and is trying to salvage and sell the building’s hundreds of bricks in the meantime.

The building has been boarded up and the site surrounded by a chain-link fence for years

So, how much do you think Bryant will fetch for a brick from the building?

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