Richard Malouf Really Likes Water Games, Turns Hoses On Us On Strait Lane

Byron Harris at WFAA-TV is the guy who busted Richard Malouf. He’s got some more info coming down the pike, and we are both watching progress on what I have christened “Water Pic Park”, the massive backyard private water park project Malouf is building over at 10711 Strait Lane. So Friday we met in front of the house to check progress and talk about how the neighbors feel. (Hint: they are not happy.) You may recall, Malouf called the cops on me and accused me of trespassing on his property on August 22. I did not; was not even near Strait Lane and can prove it. Well, he wasted no time in calling the cops Friday on Byron Harris and his camera crew — this before I got there. Malouf drove out in his Bentley. Cops came, said WFAA doing nothing wrong. Cops left. I arrive for the interview. You can’t see much now from the front, the big 3-story tall tubes are now in the back. Oh but you can see plenty from the neighbor’s yard, hint hint. We are busy talking when we notice water being sprayed OVER the fence. From a hose — don’t worry, the cameras caught the whole thing. They told us (from behind the fence) they were watering the trees, but most of it was directed our way. It was so hot Friday, that little shower felt good!

Can’t wait for the story to run. See, Malouf really is trying to create Wet N Wild over there on Strait Lane — even in the streets.

Meantime, wanted you to see the new “No Trespassing”  signs he has put out. They mean business, too, as I’m told orders have been given to shut the gates immediately after they are opened. Operation protect Water Pic Park!

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