List a Home at Sunrise, Sell it by Sunset: The New Dallas Real Estate Story

As I told you, Dallas homes are selling like hotcakes. What is it about this market, and when did this start? Had lunch with Carol Blair up in Addison Circle today — stay tuned for the neat stuff she and her office are doing — and we were scratching our heads: just when did this market get so hot? Was it January? Interest rates didn’t change — been low, still low. Inventory is down. Banks still morons about lending. Maybe it’s that old truth: when there is less of anything, it seems more people want it!

Then Jan Baldwin emails me to tell me she read my post, and get this: she listed this home,  11440 St. Michaels Drive, at 8 a.m. Here, I’ll let her tell the story:

I sent out a buzz to my office @ 8 am, showing @ 10, offer by 2, under contract by 6 pm….so maybe just a tad of poetic license, but went under contract 10 days before it was to in MLS for more than list price! Never even had to photograph it!!!!!

Carol said things are also busy busy in Addison. So there you have it — hot market, hip pocket sales, homes selling in 24 hours or less, certainly going under contract that way.

This keeps up, experts tell us we will start to see more appreciation… and appreciation!