Do You Know of a Really, Really Strange Home? Anywhere in North Texas?

Sarah Ivey at AMSPictures tells me they are looking for really weird homes. Here’s what she wrote:

“We are producing a new series for HGTV called, “Home Strange Home.” You may have seen the pilot late last year on the network. We are looking for really strange, odd homes. They can be strange in design, have strange stories attached to them, and we always want unusual homeowners. The home can be for sale. It just needs to be furnished and occupied. Call or email me if you have suggestions: Sara Ivey, 972-824-0702,”

Then she added this nice note: “Really like your website!”

Thanks! So let’s help her out — what are some of the weirdest houses in Dallas? Tell us, we’ll tell Sarah. The photo? A typical home in Oklahoma — kidding! That’s the Cave House in Tulsa.

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