The Leppert Listing: Who Else Would Market a Former Mayor’s Home Than a Former Mayor

Mary Frances Burleson, Ebby Halliday, Tom and Laura Leppert, and Mary Poss stand outside 9525 Alva Court.

From what Candy has said, and from the photos we’ve seen shot by the amazing folks at Shoot2Sell, former Dallas mayor Tom Leppert’s  home is just the kind of place you’d expect the Preston Hollow-living former head honcho of our fair burg.

And who else would Tom and Laura choose to sell their home than Mary Poss? It’s really perfect, says Cody Baker on the Ebby blog, considering that Poss was a Dallas City Council member for eight years and was once acting mayor, too.

So, I know you are all wondering, so let’s start speculating: Where are the Lepperts moving?

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