At the Ritz Residences, Even the Driveway Gets Plastic Surgery

Only at the Ritz would they bring in beauty consultants to give their driveway a good, solid microdermabrasion. This is at Residences Tower I. Turns out last year’s winter freeze left pock-marks on the pavement that were not too pretty, and really chewed up the concrete. Rather than opt for topical coverage — drive-way make-up anyone? — the Ritz went all out, called in the contractors and said, make her look like she’s new again!

(Just like a trophy wife!)

“Our commitment to our home owners is to keep the Residences looking perfect,” says a Ritz official. “It will be complete in no time.”

This photo was taken last Friday. My guess is that driveway is already smooth, fresh and ready to rock n’ roll.

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