Monday Morning Millionaire, II: One Arts Plaza Perfection — the Personal First Dibs Home of Lucy Billingsley

I caught up with the amazing agent and friend that is Scott Deakins the other day, fresh from his jumpola from David Griffin (with whom he remains, of course, great friends) to Briggs Freeman’s (beautiful) new Uptown digs in February. Scott is rather the proud papa of One Arts Plaza residential. He should be; he sold 50 of the 61 units. Only 3 (smaller, east-facing) developer units remain for sale in the $200 million building, which is the only downtown luxury condominium to mix commercial with residential living. Scott is as bullish on One Arts as a guy can be: units snapped up in 2007 have seen 10% appreciation already, he says, and HOAs at One Arts are among the lowest in town, thanks to the commercial neighbors who foot some of the bills: try .62 a square foot.

Now comes developer Lucy Billingsley’s very own, hand-picked, hand-designed unit: 1915. This is the one she got first dibs on literally before the project was born, the floor and view she wanted before one buyer presentation was ever made. The unit has never been lived in, but used, rather, for special events such as a NAREE function a few years back  as well as WRR concerts. It has 2784 square feet, two bedrooms and a study, two and a half baths, HOA dues of $1726 a month, two garage spots and the full use of One Arts Club House. Asking $1, 940,000. It also has the most spectacular view in the whole building, I think. You can stand on the beautiful, long balcony and almost feel as if you are floating over the end of Flora Street, the arts promenade that unites the entire Dallas Arts District.  Go ahead, it’s still Monday. Feast your eyes and fantasize. It won’t be long before Two Arts Plaza becomes more than a gleam in the Billingsley eye, as Lucy told the Dallas Business Journal’s Candace  Carlisle this January (sub may be required): Lucy’s in no rush, but the 23 story Two Arts Plaza is being marketed right now to commercial lead tenants.

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