Looky-loos Stealing Prescription Drugs In Homes? Time to Batten Down the Vicodin!

WFAA-TV reports something that veteran Realtors have long known: sometimes potential buyers have sticky fingers and stick their hands not just into jewelry drawers but the medicine cabinet. In this case, veteran Virginia Cook agent Kyle Rovinsky, a good friend of CandysDirt, said a client distracted him while her boyfriend ransacked the medicine cabinet to fish for prescription drugs. In this case, he stole a full bottle (30 pills) of prescription Vicodin. This happened at a high-end home in Frisco.

This is yet another reason why FSBO’s are getting harder to pull off, and why agents tell homeowners to clear everything out of the house prior to showings: jewelry, knicknacks, and even your medicine! Just take a zip-lock to the medicine cabinet, throw everything in there,  and take it with you wherever you are hiding out the open house.

It’s also another reason why some agents representing the very high end market are pre-screening lookers and buyers — asking not just for a Texas drivers licenses, but their financial statements!

Have you ever had personal items stolen from an open house?

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