Is Denton County Becoming a Safe House for House Squatters?

This photo is so dark, but hopefully you can see all the stuff loaded in the front yard of 2013 Annabel Lane in Flower Mound  last night when the movers yanked everything out of the home after the new owner, who bought the home out of bankruptcy, hired a mover to clear it. The family had apparently been living in the home for about six months, and the wife told KXAS she had no idea who owned the house because her husband handled all the paperwork:

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“I have utilities on. I pay the water bill, the electric bill, I pay gas bill, I mow the lawn,” she said. “Squatters wouldn’t do that.” Asked if she paid for the house, she said she didn’t know. Her husband did “the paperwork,” she said.

A man named Maurice, who was busy moving while the owner of the home was tending to minor police charges, told me they had improved the house with hundreds of dollar in landscaping, had kept it up and were the rightful owners. The Grand Park Estates Home Owners Association contested the Squatter’s “affidavit” in October and put the home into delinquency foreclosure at which time the home was sold to the rightful owner. It took them six months of nuisance time to clear the house, and many Denton County residences are angry that their D.A. won’t evict these squatters like they are in Tarrant County.

“I heard that the DA was trying to block this eviction today for some unknown reason, he’s out of his mind, ” said one homeowner.

James Robinson, the Squatter over on Waterford who spoke at SMU Law School a few months ago, was apparently teaching his techniques. Still, Flower Mound Realtors say this shouldn’t hurt property values because guess what: the Flower Mound market has turned around.

“One of two isolated cases will not hurt our market. It’s turned on a dime and done a 360,” says Kurt Buehler with Keller Williams Flower Mound. “Inventory is down and it has become a sellers market.”

We’ll see, he said, if the seller’s market continues over the next six months.







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