Victory’s The House by Phillipe Starck May Be Heading to Biggest Residential Foreclosure in Dallas History

Steve Brown says the 28-story residential downtown tower styled by French designer Philippe Starck with 130 units is heading for foreclosure, and it could be one of the largest in Dallas history.

“I think it’s the biggest residential foreclosure posting we’ve ever had in Dallas,” George Roddy, president of Addison-based Foreclosure Listing Service, which reported the filing, told Steve Brown at The Dallas Morning News, who broke the story. “I haven’t seen anything bigger than this one.”

The broker who was handling the sales and marketing of The House, Bobby Dhillon, has not been on site since January 4.

Developing on my end. Here’s Steve Brown’s story, from a site called that seems to have lifted it right off the Dallas Morning News which is, of course, behind a paywall, which I subscribe to.


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