Dallas Real Estate News & Holiday Poll: Would You Pay $2500 For Holiday Lights?

I don’t know if this goes on in all Dallas neighborhoods, so I’m asking you folks in McKinney, Southlake, Lakewood, everywhere to chime in. Do you pay to have holiday lights put up in your trees or do you do them yourself? Everywhere I turn in Preston Hollow and yes, even in Rockwall last week,  the trucks are out with men climbing ladders to get trees all aglow for the holidays. I called and got two bids on my large Live Oak: $1750 and $2500. That included the lights which they would keep for me ’till next year. Thing is, lights are a vital component of how we live in our homes in Dallas. But boy oh boy, that’s a lot of money. (It is also a lot of work and the one year I tried it, I swore I’d never try it again.) Last year, several hungry Realtors went out and installed lights and pocketed $15,000. Time for a poll: how much is too much to spend on holiday lights?

How much is too much to spend on installing holiday lights?
$5. Call me Scrooge.
$250 and my husband strings them up every year.
$500 and spring for LED lights, use less electricity
$1000 and don’t tell my husband
$1800 t0 $2500. It’s the holidays!