Looking for Designer Furniture? IFDA Auction: Get Generous, Take Home a Bargain

Anyone looking for great home additions ought to meander down to the Design District Thursday evening. Not only are we going to talk House Porn (want to live near Rhonda Aikman?) but you can bid on some of the hottest home furnishing items in the Design District and walk off with some major bargains. It all benefits Dwell with Dignity. Newest additions include:

-Duxiana travel pillows — I never leave home without because they remind me of my Duxiana bed which is, frankly, so wonderful I almost never leave home without IT.

-Several items of furniture from Wilson & Associates, and Trisha Wilson

-Outdoor furniture (several pieces) from Brown Jordan

– 100% fireproof Home safe donated by Rolland

-$1700 valued quartz lamp by Taylors on Ten.

-$1897 valued oriental rug by Mary Wilson Oriental Rugs.


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