HGTV’s My First Place Shooting in Dallas: Your Chance to Snag an Extra $2000?

First time home-buyers, here’s your chance to snag an extra $2000 that might help cover the cost of, oh, new flooring.  HGTV is scouting for first-time home-buyers and their agents and say they need a whole bunch.

 “We’ll be looking for around 30 stories in the Dallas area, plenty of opportunities for you and any of your colleagues to be on TV!” the show wrote to Realtors.

This is the 11th Season of My First Place, and Dallas is quite hot with the reality show circuit, as you know: Most Eligible Dallas , The A-List: Dallas, Lifetime’s America’s Supernanny and HGTV’s My First Place. 

You know what HGTV wants: the trials and tribulations of buying a first home, from the very first surf on the real estate sites to white-knuckle bidding and closing and moving in. House, condo, townhome, shack it matters not but you do have to bare your financial history. The more drama, the better. The more energy, the better. HGTV says they are seeking “fun, high energy people” but do not want to drive more than 60 to 90 minutes outside the D/FW area. The show is in it’s 11th season.

Participants will get a memorable DVD made of their shoot. The $2000? Oh you only get that if your segment is selected AND it airs on TV. And the once-in-a-lifestime experience.

Dallas broker Alicia Trevino has been on the show before, and she is one of the agents already selected. Alicia specializes in short sales, so she fully expects some of her first-time buyers will be involved in short sale purchases — which means this ought to be one of the more interesting, and dramatic, seasons.