Dallas Real Estate News: Braden Power House Under Contract, Set to Close on March 25

As headlined this morning, the Turtle Creek home of Braden Power is under contract. Pending inspections and all other contractual goodies, Lee Bailey, freshly ex-wife of restaurateur Ed Bailey, will acquire the beautiful but (according to some) controversial Turtle Creek palace on March 25. I spoke with Braden yesterday: the buyer, should the contract go through, is talking to both Sherry Hayslip, whose husband, Cole, designed the home, and Trisha Wilson about helping her fill it with furniture. Also Braden had recently covered the famous pool in the foyer to help move the house, but Lee apparently wants it back! This is a huge kuddo for listing agent Doris Jacobs, who just got the listing from co-Allie Beth powerhouse Erin Mathews,¬† and listed the home for $7.9 million. Which is interesting because Erin had it at $6.9 back in August, and I’m told the sales price was fairly close to asking or in-between the two. I sure had fun in that master bath back when Eleanor Mowery Sheets had the listing. This home has had as many agents as it has had swans in the back yard. Oh the stories I could tell…

Oh yes — Braden says not true about a lot of things said about his house, including that one black swan killed the other — neighbors found it all washed up down the creek.

Update: I spoke with Doris, who had asked me to keep mum about the sale ’til closing. Was really happy to hear that she had listed the home a couple years ago and had brought the buyer, Ms. Bailey, in way back then. Just goes to show you how persistence pays off!

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