dirtyToday’s dirty Wednesday WTF prompted my mind to roll back to a time when — true story — I broke up with a guy because he didn’t own sheets. (more…)

vacationAs most everyone knows, we are all about The Vacation over here. In fact, we have a whole other sister site devoted to second homes and vacations.

But today, we’re not talking about the charming abodes of SecondShelters.com. No, we’re talking about uh, something else.

These three hotels we’ve chosen for today’s WTF are um, an acquired taste. If you have acquired this taste, then we applaud your adventurous spirit and love of sodium. (more…)

toiletHow’s your week? Just thought we’d talk about bad renovations for this week’s installment of Wednesday WTF. We’re flush with excitement, and we hope you are too.



Wednesday WTF

(Photo courtesy Ramiro Ramirez/Flickr)

Yesterday, we ran our weekly Wednesday WTF, and some of you had some serious issues with it. Our entire staff was on it all day. I was also called a few names, but that’s neither here nor there.

What I would like to say is this: I in no way saw any humor in what I saw in that listing. Sometimes, the WTF is hilarious to me. Sometimes — as in life — WTF can also be used in situations so shocking there is no other term that will do. WTF is a way we try to bring a little humor into Hump Day, but we never intended it to be a swipe at the less fortunate. Not ever.

Fact of the matter is, people live like this. The people who live(d) in this house did.

Now I don’t live that way. Neither do most of you. I’ve been quite poor (and I’ll be happy to tell you exactly how poor offline if you’d like), and I’ve been quite comfortable. But in all those times, I was quite clean. And when I wasn’t able to do that myself, there was someone in my life to make sure that happened. Maybe I was damn lucky.

In this case, clearly the people living here did not have that. And that is unconscionable and sad. It’s a situation that is truly due a WTF reaction, because nobody should have to live like this. Nobody should.

But we were never talking about the people. We were talking about the listing.

Still somewhere, we all failed these people. As we do every day in Dallas. Keeping a clean home shouldn’t be dependent on whether you’re using a walker or can walk unassisted — it’s a basic human right we should all have. This isn’t a matter of personal taste. But homes are like dependents: they require constant care and upkeep, and if you’re not up to it either physically or financially, this happens.

If anything, we drew attention to a need, even if by accident. Readers are already reaching out, wanting to help. So if you looked at these pictures and were horrified, I hope you’ll consider doing one thing for me: Be a good neighbor. If your neighbors are older, or are infirm, especially, check on them. Offer to do the mundane tasks like wiping down doors and decluttering if it will help them. Check on the safety of their home if you can, and try to help them encourage their landlord (or the city to encourage the landlord) to make necessary repairs. If they have family, prod them.

If you’re unsure what to do, call 211 and ask what programs are available, or reach out to some of the providers on this list for advice.

One thing we do at CandysDirt.com so very well is stir the dirt, ask the tough questions, and look at the story behind the story with transparency. We’re doing that now with this post, so stay tuned. Did we step too far unintentionally? Maybe. But know that I nor anyone on the CD staff thought the condition of the home was funny.

I assure you, I certainly did not.

Bethany Erickson is the education, consumer affairs, and public policy columnist for CandysDirt.com. Contact her at bethany@candysdirt.com.


Editor’s Note: We’ve had a few people call us out. But here’s where we are coming from:  If we are going to remain a voice about elevating the industry, then we have to call out photos like this, and we have to point out that the realtor did the client a disservice by having the property photographed in that state. It’s all about the discourse.
It is sad that someone lived like this.  And hopefully, this can start a real conversation about how we take care of the elderly and disabled, and we welcome that conversation and hope everyone who took the time to comment today will join us in having it. But the weekly Wednesday WTF has always been about the off-the-cuff, human reactions we have to shocking things. And this is indeed shocking. 

So before I begin this week, I need to tell you that all this WTF has not only ruined my browser history for life, it’s also gotten in my head and now I have weird dreams about Cher standing in my bedroom watching me sleep or being forced to clean houses that have been home to 500 cats at once. (more…)

Wednesday WTFSo sometimes you find the Wednesday WTF, and sometimes the Wednesday WTF finds you. This week, it’s the latter — a reader sent over a listing she actually saw in person once.

Color us intrigued.

Wednesday WTF

The house, she said, was one that she went to “a while back” when there was an open house. “There’s a lot going on,” she said. (more…)

(Photos courtesy Carter Jonas)

True confession: I’ve only watched like three Harry Potter movies and I’ve read none of the books because my job often requires me to read long boring things, which leaves me no time to read about boy wizards.

I say this because this week’s Wednesday WTF is definitely Harry Potter related and I’m going in half blind. I mean, seriously, my one introduction to Harry Potter involved a friend inviting me to her house to watch a marathon of them and at one point mishearing someone and thinking they said Voldemort’s name was Darryl. (more…)

wtfDid you ever wake up one morning and think, “WTF, I want to live in a house with direct ties to the Salem Witch Trials, but I don’t want to be in Salem and I don’t want it to be old?”


And bonus, it’s black. (more…)