wednesday wtfConfession: Since I started writing the Wednesday WTF last year, it’s kind of become this thing where when I introduce myself at professional functions, people automatically say, “YOU’RE THE WEDNESDAY WTF.”

I’ve had fun writing these, even if my search history is a little sketchy now and I’ve seen some things I can’t unsee. But it wasn’t until last week that I found two people that definitely demonstrate what it looks like when I find something that is perfect for the Wednesday WTF. (more…)


(Photo courtesy Pexels)

I was going to show you something really funny about a dolphin that wants to fornicate with jet skis, because it’s Wednesday and we know what we do on Wednesdays, but as you can see, we’re going to talk about scams instead.


See, something happened on my commute Monday that I decided preempted dolphin sex.

Guys, I got a phone call with a message that there were “four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment.” (more…)

HoustonSome days the Wednesday WTF is harder to find than others. And some days, 500 people email, text, or message you to tell you that they found the perfect WTF in Houston.

This would be that week.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining one bit. It’s always fun when a house resonates so much that people feel compelled to send it to me just for the sheer joy of seeing me react. It reminds me of this Saturday Night Live Skit from the 90s where Tom Hanks and his family had to try the sour milk. Every single one of them.


So here I am, trying your sour milk, along with everyone who hasn’t had the chance to see the awesomely WTF of this house located in the Timbergate neighborhood of Houston, according to the map, and if it’s wrong, please know that if you email me to tell me I’m wrong I’ll probably send you an mp3, gif, or random meme of my choosing and it might not be pleasant. (more…)

caveSometimes, the Wednesday WTF is the Wednesday WTF because it’s a crazy ball of lunacy. But sometimes, as in the case of this week’s cave house, it’s because it’s pretty freaking’ cool.

Meet the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge. Tucked into the tiny unincorporated community of Parthenon, Arkansas, and the Little Buffalo River, it currently serves as a private resort that caters to weddings, family reunions, corporate retreats, and the like.


oak parkLike I’ve said before, sometimes I worry that this week will be the week I can’t find a Wednesday WTF. However, a reader who lives in my house alerted me to a tweet about a Zillow listing in Oak Park, Illinois, that definitely has so many of the hallmarks of a WTF.

I knew there had to be more to this listing, and since I’ve kind of won an award for digging up stuff, I decided I would expend minimal effort to try to figure out what was up. (more…)

You get this view. And 55 cats.

Hey guys do you like Greece? Do you like cats? Do you like lots of cats at once? Do you like free rent and Greece and lots of cats?

Have we got the Wednesday WTF for you.

Now, first off I have to say that I am not team cat. I’m team dog all the way, even though mine likes to take my underwear out to the backyard and fling it around when he’s angry. Dogs are happy to see you when you get home. Dogs protect you from other animals even if they’re on the TV. Dogs are happy if you just pet them, or throw an object, or pretend to throw an object.

The only two times I lived with cats, one trapped me in my own bathroom and later locked me out of my apartment, and the other liked to try to kill me pretty much all the time. I’m sure some of you have had different experiences with cats and some of my favorite people love cats, but once one of God’s precious creatures tries to off me, I tend to hold a grudge.


san franciscoSo, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the market in San Francisco is hot. And I also don’t know if you’ve heard, but the ground in San Francisco can move a lot in a geological phenomenon called a mother-lovin’ earthquake.

Why are we talking about this? Because we over at the Wednesday WTF found this listing that brings both of those points to home in spectacular fashion.

san Francisco

Now, you might look at these photos and think, “What is your beef, Wednesday WTF lady? This is a pretty nice place. I approve.” (more…)

RealtorNobody starts housing hunting thinking, “You know, I think I want a house that smells like a giant litter box,” but that’s what one Florida couple says they got with their home purchase — all thanks to the Realtor that listed it.

Newlyweds Daniel McKay and Katherine Pulker closed on their home in Valrico, Florida, in April. According to the suit they filed in Hillsborough Circuit Court on July 20 (sidebar: Hillsborough Circuit Court, I love your case lookup, Dallas and everyone else, please review this because yeah, way better), everything seemed fine until they removed the plug-in air fresheners.