mailbagWhen my predecessor handed over the reins to this esteemed weekly feature, she warned me that my Internet search history would never recover and that my inbox would become a Wednesday WTF mailbag of mayhem.

She was correct.

Some inherit jewels, some inherit money, some inherit good or bad genes, and even the wind. I inherited Real Estate-Related Macular Destruction.

Shall we see what cannot be unseen? Let’s jump. (more…)

We love our readers. And fans of the Wednesday WTF are especially ardent and helpful, and send us suggestions. So many of you sent this house that is now on the market, and is owned by one Dr. Phil McGraw, he of the hirsute lip and slightly Texan twang and all the folksy humor. 

If I could hazard a guess, it’s because you all are sick people who get their jollies seeing what way I (and before me, my predecessor) would react to whatever monstrosity you sent our way.

I have to see with these eyes, you know.  (more…)

white elephantIf ever there was an event designed for Wednesday WTF, it is the office white elephant exchange. I mean, unless someone specifically says, “We’re giving nice gifts this year,” it’s a seasonal opportunity designed for making people open gift bags and say, “Why?”


gimmickIn one of my favorite songs from the musical Gypsy, three burlesque dancers instruct the girl who would become Gypsy Rose that, “Kid, you gotta get a gimmick if you wanna get ahead.”

And now, it seems everyone in real estate or even the hospitality industry has taken that mantra to heart, to questionable ends. (more…)

contemporaryOur Wednesday WTF this week is something I like to call an “Oh Dear” house, as in, “This house is charming, I see nothing wrong with it, OH DEAR, what is that?” In this case, it’s a contemporary built in 2010, but for all the world looks like a home built in the 1980s.


Meet this grand estate in Wappingers Falls, New York. It clocks in at 9,437 square feet of living space with four bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths, and is priced at just shy of $2.8 million.  (more…)


Gather round, children, as Miss Real Estate Manners provides you, gratis, some knowledge that evidently is not readily obvious to some: Cocaine has no place in a real estate listing photo. (more…)

blessingAs I perused the back catalog of Wednesday WTF features, I realized one thing: WTF must sometimes mean Wonderfully Thrilling Features, because there have been some very nice homes indeed. And this week’s WTF is one of those — a space that with a little work could be a real, shall we say, blessing.



The Wednesday WTF has long been known to bring on the most questionable of homes, but have you ever had a listing where things go bump in the night — even to the point of calling in “spiritual advisers?”

night (more…)