PringlesThey say that necessity is the mother of invention, and they must be right, because one Wichita Falls hero found a new use for a Pringles can that has the entire Internet abuzz.

I mean, no less than 50 people messaged or emailed me links to this story, so you know it was ripe for a Wednesday WTF. And while some might say I’ll need to see chiropractic help for the stretch I’m performing, let me tell you why we’re talking about the lady who got banned from the Walmart for driving a scooter around the parking lot whilst drinking wine from a Pringles can.

Basically, she’s legitimized something our grandmas already do, and it’s the new craze — I mean, if Pringles cans can be reused for wine, that Country Crock tub that your granny sends lasagna leftovers home in, reminding you she wants that tub back, is now a hipster trend.

Just think of what you can do with that empty jar of peanut butter — it’s now a special tequila jar. Peel the Peter Pan label off and write “My Tequila” on it with a Sharpie and it’s a bespoke tequila jar. That empty Noosa yogurt container? VODKA. Gin and tonics will pair nicely with, of course, that empty kombucha bottle, once you pour out the kombucha. And of course, any schnapps goes in a Stage 3 baby food jar. That’s just science. (more…)

For this week’s Wednesday WTF, we’ve found a listing that is a bit of a time warp, again.

Now, we’re not afraid of a house that time forgot, I mean, we wrote about three last year. And we never cease to be amazed at a listing where nothing has changed in more than 40 years.

So when we got this listing this week for a house in Gladewater, Texas, we knew we had to share, because sharing is caring, and we care a lot.


How much would you pay for a 1,300 square foot house full of stairs on a 15 by 86 foot lot? Does uh, nearly $3 million sound about right?

Oh, no? What if I told you it was in Toronto in a really nice neighborhood? (more…)

ColoradoWith a holiday as generally happy as Christmas, it’s sometimes difficult to find a good Wednesday WTF. But then a coworker found this Colorado listing that made our hearts grow three sizes.

See, on the outside, it’s pretty normal (like most Wednesday WTFs start out, if we’re being super honest here). And there are plenty of lovely living spaces throughout the home.

But your first indication that this is not your usual listing is the description. (more…)

ChristmasFor loyal Wednesday WTF readers, you may recall that last year, around Christmas, we at WTF headquarters happened upon a certain section of the Tiffany & Co. website that uh, caused us to hit the pause button.

On a whim, we checked back this year, and sure enough, there’s new stuff. I mean, of course, there’s new stuff. If you’re the target audience for the “Price Is No Object” offerings from Tiffany, you’ve played with your sterling-silver Legos and figured out that a $9,000 ball of silver yarn is about as useful as you’d imagine a ball of yarn that costs as much as a Kia Rio would be, and well, you’re ready for new stuff.

And we are here for that. I mean, rest assured that as journalists, we have zero dollars for any of this stuff, but we are here for this because seriously, we are so down for seasonal WTFery.

By the by, that useless ball of yarn is still on the list, despite being tagged as having limited availability last year, which likely means that even if the price is no object, you don’t want a cat toy that costs the same as a trip to the ER for a toddler’s ear infection.

Are you ready to see what you can buy if your toilet paper is made of actual $100 bills? Jump with me, won’t you? (more…)

alaskaAlaska folk, I’ve always imagined, are pretty hardy folk made of some pretty stern stuff, although I admit that my knowledge of Alaska’s residents is mostly gleaned from Sarah Palin, Northern Exposure, and whatever I remember from U.S. History classes.

So when I heard about a town in Alaska whose residents mostly all live in one apartment building, I realized that they’re way stronger than I even imagined — because most of the 200 residents that call Whittier, Alaska, home live in the 14-story building called Begich Towers.


half-nekkidWhat would you do to make a listing stand out? Getting good photography is usually an obvious choice, but making sure it’s staged well is another. Maybe you’d put out a funny sign, or hit Facebook and Instagram.

Or maybe you’d, you know, put a half-nekkid couple of fitness models in the listing photos. Just slide ‘em right in, so when a prospective buyer is paging through them it’s all, “Oh, nice hallway, love the crown molding in the living room, oh look there’s a half-nekkid lady and a half-nekkid man making cookies.” That’s not a euphemism.

I mean, we’re no stranger to oddities in listing photos that are placed there for the express purpose of getting people to look at the listing and share it.  But when one Houston Realtor took it a bit further, pearls were clutched.

See, Kristin Gyldenege prides herself, according to an interview with the Houston Chronicle, of having a bit of an edge. So when she decided to market this listing in Conroe, she decided to put uh, assets in seats by posing half-naked fitness models in some of the photos. (more…)

70sSo sometimes I worry that I won’t find something to write about for the Wednesday WTF — and then, almost like some really messed up benevolent being out there is invested in this weekly column, someone sends me some house that is a classic example of everything wrong about decorating in the 70s.

Like this week’s WTF, for instance. It looks fairly ordinary — nay, even nice from the exterior shots.

And it’s got a really lovely pool. See?

But things at this Peoria, Arizona, home quickly go awry when you start clicking through the interior photos. We assembled a panel of people who enjoy torturing themselves (also known as this writer’s friends and coworkers) to dissect what we saw. So let’s review how Jo, Karen, Kristin, Amanda, Andrea, Lindsey, and Mia felt about this 70s time capsule.70s (more…)