These are all the people who couldn’t rent Marg’s room.

Editor’s Note: Bethany is also our political reporter, and as you can probably guess, she was up very late last night. In fact, we’re not sure if she is still awake covering the election, or if she passed out at the keyboard. But because she is busy, we’re re-running one of her favorite Wednesday WTF columns. Enjoy.

Social media is a wonderful thing unless it’s a terrible thing. But for Marg, who lives in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, it got a little sideways when she tried to rent out a room using a Facebook group. So sideways, in fact, that it ended up in my inbox, as the perfect Wednesday WTF.

See, Marg has a few requirements for a tenant. I’ll let her explain. (more…)


Recognize this hotbed of danger in Northwest Dallas?

So, dear readers, remember that time when I had to tell that writer from the Atlantic decided to talk about the dining options in Dallas suburbs, while only actually spending most of her time in Wichita Falls and the airport that she was super wrong?

That hot sports opinion is about to look remarkably measured and well researched. Hold my prosecco, y’all.

Last week, someone slid a year-old piece of aggression across my metaphorical desk, and I decided to ask some readers what they thought.

They had many thoughts. I had many thoughts. At the end of this piece, you can share your thoughts.

So there is this site called Roadsnacks. According to their flagship site’s about us page:

“HomeSnacks combines recent data from the Census, FBI, OpenStreetMaps, and dozens of other sources into bite-sized studies to help you understand what it’s like to live in different communities across the country.
We have been professionally ranking cities, neighborhoods, counties, and states across America for over three years.”

They’re based in Durham, North Carolina, which is super close to Dallas when you’re dead set on being wrong on the Internet. (more…)

creepySo next week is Halloween, and this week over at, we’ve been looking at homes that are in great neighborhoods for trick or treating, or that address some scary part of home ownership. In keeping with that theme, the Wednesday WTF got creepy.

OK, sure, we get creepy all the damned time. All. The. Damned. Time.


So when the editorial calendar says, “Hey, this is your opportunity to get creepy this week, it’s a theme and everything,” your WTF writer thinks, “Rita, please. It’s a completely normal Wednesday around here.”


So when I found this completely abandoned villa on an island that’s only accessible by boat is now for sale, I realized that even though they say it’s not haunted, you know damned well it’s creepy.

Super creepy.



This house looks normal. Just you wait.

Listen, we know Realtors are busy people. You have houses to show, buyers to drive around, sellers to cajole, closings to sit through. And on top of all that, you’re in charge of making sure the photos effectively market the houses you’re listing.


photos (more…)


Oh, just you wait.

Sometimes, you buy a house and it’s older — nay, vintage — but someone has lovingly and thoughtfully updated it. Sometimes, you buy that house and someone has wiped all semblance of its past out and you might not even know what it year it was born in if you didn’t look at the listing.

And sometimes, like last week’s Wednesday WTF, it’s a complete time capsule, seemingly kept hermetically sealed in pristine condition from whatever era it happened until the family it belongs to decided to list it.

Guess what?

vintage (more…)

lake houseI have to tell you, this week’s Wednesday WTF was almost this weekend’s historical shelter feature on, because it’s an awesome lake house with gorgeous views and tons of privacy.

But it’s also got, like all WTFs, a little something something that makes it juuuuuuust a little different than all other lake houses and a little uh, you know, something that requires a turntable with a needle that scratches across a record to register some kind of surprise.

lake house

So here is this great house on Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma. From the outside, as you can see, it looks completely lovely. The rock facade embraces the natural surroundings of the lake, and this three-bedroom, three-bath house seems like the perfect getaway. (more…)

I don’t know how to say this, but this week’s Wednesday WTF made us blush. Or something. It’s really pinkies up. We’re tickled pink to show you this. We pinked this one just for you.

Had enough yet?

No. No you have not. How do I know this? Because you haven’t actually seen this week’s Wednesday WTF.

I have. I also showed this listing to my boss. She’s asking to unsee it. It’s not that bad, if you like a decorating scheme that is like if Shelby Eatenton Latcherie’s wedding and a bordello had a Victorian baby.


wednesday wtfConfession: Since I started writing the Wednesday WTF last year, it’s kind of become this thing where when I introduce myself at professional functions, people automatically say, “YOU’RE THE WEDNESDAY WTF.”

I’ve had fun writing these, even if my search history is a little sketchy now and I’ve seen some things I can’t unsee. But it wasn’t until last week that I found two people that definitely demonstrate what it looks like when I find something that is perfect for the Wednesday WTF. (more…)